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SAP Gateway for Microsoft was introduced about a year ago. I am happy to announce that we just released Service Pack 03 which addresses a lot of questions asked by our customers and partners.

As you know SAP Gateway for Microsoft helps to build enterprise ready applications for Office 2010, Office 2013 and any C# based applications. In the last few months we have seen several very interesting customer implementations (e.g. leveraging SAP Gateway for Microsoft: Excel) and partner implementations (e.g. The Next View, Cordis, Autodesk, ...).

In addition to the Visual Studio implementations that help customers to build completely new applications (sometimes leveraging SAP Fiori) we can also see a huge interest in the SAP Gateway for Microsoft: Excel integration. From updating custom tables in the SAP system directly via Excel to maintaining
CRM campaigns – everything can easily be done in Microsoft Excel.

However, as you probably know Microsoft is very much positioning Office 365 – and a lot of customers are already evaluating the possibilities to run Office in the cloud, leverage Azure Active Directory, Exchange Online or  SharePoint Online. Very similar to the on-prem scenario it is equally important to have these enterprise ready features available when connecting SAP data in Office 365.

I am happy to announce that with the Service Pack 03 of SAP Gateway for Microsoft we now enable an end-to-end Single Sign On from Office 365 to SAP.

With that customer and partners are able to develop enterprise ready applications that allow end-users a seamless integrate of SAP data in their Office 365
applications. The importance of this integration is that once the SAP data is available in Microsoft Azure via SAP Gateway for Microsoft it can easily be consumed on any “connected” application. This can be your Outlook Web Access, your Outlook rich-client application, your SharePoint Online app, your Excel, your Windows 8, your Windows Phone 8 app, … The opportunities are endless.

We are now ready to support all the new application integration scenarios that we talked about in the past -- but in an enterprise ready manner that allows customers to roll-out solutions to thousands of users.

Together with Microsoft we have already published several getting started how-to guides that explain how to create a SharePoint Online app, a Microsoft Office (Excel) app and a Windows 8 / Windows Phone 8 app.

In addition to the SAP Gateway for Microsoft getting started how-to guide you should be ready to immediately test and experience the latest and great features of SAP Gateway for Microsoft Service Pack 03.

Installation & Configuration -> look for Micrsoft Azure Integration

Develop Apps for… (SAP Gateway for Microsoft)

… SharePoint:

… Office: How to: Create an app for Office to access data with the SAP Gateway for Microsoft

… Windows 8 / Windows Phone 8: Creating a universal Windows app to access SAP Gateway for Microsoft - Windows app development

Generic introduction on developing in Office 365:

Last but not least I also want to highlight that we did not only ship these new Microsoft Azure / Office 365 integrations. We also listened to our existing customers and made sure that we addressed some of the main pain-points and feature requests. We enhanced the SAP Gateway for Microsoft: Excel  integration and also fixed some bugs in the other areas. Stay tuned for more updates.

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