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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
SAP Fiori elements saw several big innovations in 2023 to improve the way developers create SAP Fiori apps that customers love to consume. We added AI to make data entry faster. We made it possible for groups to collaborate on a single business object. We introduced the ability to share apps or their contents through Microsoft Teams. And we made it possible to create insight cards from SAP Fiori elements apps that are portable to My Home or SAP Start. In this post, I’ll share details on these new SAP Fiori elements capabilities 


AI-assisted object creation accelerates data entry 

SAP Fiori elements Assisted Object Creation uses AI to expedite data entry. This generic AI solution, eliminating the need for additional business logic, provides users with context-aware value recommendations based on historic data. Piloted successfully with Sales Order Auto Completion and Advanced Returns Management, it continues to set the stage for more use of AI in the future.

SAP Fiori elements Integration with Microsoft Teams simplifies collaboration 

In a move to enhance collaboration, SAP Fiori elements integrates with Microsoft Teams. Users can share SAP S/4HANA content within Teams channels as a link directly to the app or by sharing the app in a Microsoft Teams tab, fostering a more connected work environment. We are planning enhancements, such as displaying data from MS Active Directory within an SAP Fiori contact card and using Microsoft’s loop components for even tighter integration

Portable Insight Cards bring SAP Fiori elements content into MyHome  

The introduction of MyHome Integration marked a significant stride towards a harmonized user experience. Users can now create MyHome Insight Cards from SAP Fiori elements for OData V4 applications, providing a consolidated view of SAP Fiori app content. Reusing Insight Cards ensures a seamless and unified experience across all application types. 

These 2023 highlights show the SAP Fiori elements development team's commitment to innovation, collaboration, and user-centric design. Here's to a year of achievements, and to the continuous evolution of SAP Fiori elements in 2024!  

If you want to get started working with SAP Fiori elements, I recommend the following resources to get started: 

  • Flexible programming model explorer shows the latest modular functionality available with SAP Fiori elements for OData V4, which is the version we recommend using for most applications. 

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Hi Sebastian,

Thanks for the informative blog. I would like to learn more details on the architecture and the involved BTP and Non-BTP services(Azure Native Services if any) in your use-case. How the AI has been added in the Fiori Elements to make the data entry faster.