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Join our webcast series with a full packed agenda on SAP Data Hub. Our experts have teamed up for a webcast series around the latest news on SAP Data Hub.

Learn about end-to-end data orchestration to deliver intelligent, trusted data,automated, reliable data processing across your entire data landscape.

The latest release has a fresh new look and an easy to follow interface.

SAP Data Hub 2.3 provides the following new features:

  • Single Entry Point for All SAP Data Hub Applications

  • Simplified Deployment of SAP Data Hub in Cloud and On-Premise Environments

  • Meta Data Catalog to Improve Visibility About Landscape-Wide Data Assets

  • Enhanced Data Integration and Connectivity Capabilities

  • Unified Modeling Interface with SAP Data Hub Modeler

Our experts will give you a detailed overview of those new enhancements. Make sure you register for all of them!

Oct. 8th 2018-Overview of SAP Data Hub

The massive increase of data volumes combined with the necessity to process data of different types and of high velocity is driving data landscape complexity.
It is often a challenge for companies to orchestrate end-to-end data flows, in particular when bridging the Enterprise Data and Big Data domains.

During this webinar, you will learn how the latest  SAP Data Hub version can help companies to manage complex data landscapes, to define and orchestrate end-to-end data flows across different systems and technologies as well as to build highly scalable data pipelines.

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Oct. 15th 2018 - Data Governance with SAP Data Hub – Meta Data Cataloging

In this webinar you will get an insight of how to work with the unified metadata catalog to gain visibility into landscape-wide data assets.

Learn how this empowers you to discover, understand, and consume the system’s individual data assets and respond to information requests without having to browse through multiple systems and repositories or touch various data models

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Oct. 18th 2018 - Operator Integration and Development with SAP Data Hub

Learn about the new functionality and simplified architecture recently released with SAP Data Hub version 2.3.  The webinar will focus on SAP Data Hub capabilities to orchestrate complex data flows across SAP and non-SAP data sources, discuss use cases requiring extending functionality and advanced extensibility option for data operations.

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Nov. 5th 2018 - SAP Data Hub: Data Integration with Enterprise Applications

This webcast will cover the following topics around SAP Data Hub:

  • Data integration and data orchestration technologies with SAP Data Hub in general

  • What predefined connectivity options are available for cloud services and enterprise systems

  • How to build custom operators and re-usable content to expand SAP Data Hubs reach

  • How partners can develop and distributed Data Hub Content

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Nov. 19th 2018 - How to Develop Data Science Stories with SAP Data Hub

Data pipeline concept in SAP Data Hub provides an extensible framework for data-flow-driven and streaming operators. Learn how to use the pipeline engine in SAP Data Hub to apply machine learning algorithms and to augment and enrich data flows.

We will also invite you to rethink traditional means to develop an end-to-end scenario to extract insight from all your data and demonstrate some solutions which we have developed on SAP Data Hub to solve our customers’ problems.

This session is best suited for managers, data scientists, and developers who seek data-driven decisions through greater contextual awareness.

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Dec. 11th2018 - Hybrid Cloud Data Processing – Running SAP Data Hub on the Cisco Container Platform

During this webcast, you will learn about how SAP and Cisco address this growing need with running SAP's novel data orchestration and refinery---SAP Data Hub---with the Cisco Container Platform.

Data is the new oil of the digital economy, but data is getting more complex and more heterogeneous. It is stored in different places; its volume is growing by the day and customers need to orchestrate and integrate data lakes and data streams with enterprise systems to drive business value. To tackle those challenges and allow enterprise-grade analytics, a seamless interplay of powerful hardware and sophisticated software in enterprise-scale environments is inevitable.

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Learn more about the latest release:

To learn more about the product, please refer to the official documentation site, or check out SAP Data Hub on YouTube for more tutorial videos.

For hands-on experience with SAP Data Hub, please visit the following assets: