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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Dear All,

This video describes what to do when a new Tenant Administrator receives the login information for IAS/IPS with other embedded analytics for SAP Commissions via email. It explains each of the four URLs and demonstrates how to access the system.

High-level IAS & IPS

DocumentationIdentity Authentication ServiceIdentity Provisioning Service
CaretakerAdmin of the CompanyAdmin of the Company
Check your Tenant
Report a Support Incident


Certified Integrations with SAP IAS/IPS

The following table lists the products that have certified integrations with SAP IAS/IPS.

Sales Cloud Application    Supports IAS      Supports IPS
SAP Commissions          ✔️            ✔️
Embedded Analytics (SCA)          ✔️            ✔️
Sales Cloud AI for Commissions          ✔️            ✔️
SAP Agent Performance Management          ✔️ 


User Provisioning

    • Top-down synchronization - In this approach, the application is the target, and SAP Cloud Platform Identity Authentication Service is the source. Users are initially created in SAP Cloud Platform Identity Authentication Service and then synced down to the application.
    • Bottom-up synchronization - In this approach, the application is the source and SAP Cloud Platform Identity Authentication Service is the target. Users are created by the application and then uploaded from the source application to SAP Cloud Platform Identity Authentication Service.

In both the top-down and the bottom-up approach, the Sales Cloud application must implement the SCIM-based APIs to synchronize users.

The following table lists each application that Sales Cloud Single Sign-On supports and indicates which user synchronization methods are supported by each application

Sales Cloud ApplicationSupports Bottom-Up SyncSupports Top-Down Sync
SAP Commissions                ✔️               ✔️
Embedded Analytics (SCA)                ✔️
Sales Cloud AI for Commissions                ✔️
SAP Agent Performance Management                ✔️

IPS Transformation Flow

Available User Groups


The Authorization user groups that are available for SAP Commissions are as follows:

User GroupsProductAction
APP_COMMSAP CommissionsGroup for Application
Administrator-COMMSAP CommissionsGroup for Administrator
Manager-COMMSAP CommissionsGroup for Manager
Approver-COMMSAP CommissionsGroup for Approver
APP_SCANEmbedded AnalyticsGroup for SCA Application
ADMINISTRATOR_COMM-SCANEmbedded AnalyticsGroup for SCA administrator
AUTHOR_COMM-SCANEmbedded AnalyticsGroup for SCA author
AUTHENTICATED_COMM-SCANEmbedded AnalyticsGroup for SCA viewer
ADMINISTRATOR_WKFL-SCANSAP Advanced WorkflowGroup for Workflow Admin
AUTHENTICATED_WKFL-SCANSAP Advanced WorkflowGroup for Workflow viewer
AUTHOR_WKFL-SCANSAP Advanced WorkflowGroup for Workflow author
APP_SCAITBAIGroup for Application
USER_COMM-SCAITBAIGroup for viewer


IPS Sync 

    • Source System runs a Job through auto scheduled for users to sync in different applications(Target Systems)
    • Scheduled Job runs every 30min and can be changed according to the need (Screenshot)
    • Admin who manages will review the job regularly


➜ SAP Sales Cloud Single Sign on Documentation Links

➜ IPS Bundles offering for SAP Commissions

➜ Bottom-up Documentation

Top-Down Documentation

User Groups Documentation

KB Article for Bottom-up & Top-Down Approach (2999357)

Thanks, for reading it till the end. 🙏

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