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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Using the OData services exposed by SAP Cloud Platform Process Visibility , you can gain deeper insights on the data by integrating with SAP Analytics Cloud. In this blog, I have outlined the steps required to bring data from SAP Cloud Platform Process Visibility  to SAP Analytics Cloud.


  • Setup SAP Cloud Platform Process Visibility in your Cloud Foundry account. Refer blog for details

  • You can setup one of the sample scenarios. Refer tutorial for details.

  • Access to SAP Analytics Cloud

Steps to integrate with SAP Analytics Cloud

Create an OData connection

  1. Create a service key of SAP Cloud Platform process visibility and  fetch the following credentials:

  2. Create an OData Connection in SAP Analytics Cloud with the following parameters:

  • Data Service URL: <pv_odata_url>/v1/DesigntoOperate

  • Authentication Type: OAuth 2.0 Client Credentials

  • OAuth Client ID, Secret , Token URL & pv_odata_url can be fetched from the service key

Create Model

  1. Create a model based on the OData connection created above.

  2. Choose Instances as the entity and select all attributes. Select Incremental load and add the following conditions as shown below. In this example, only completed scenario instances are imported into SAP Analytics Cloud.

  3. The data is imported and you can go ahead and create the model.

Schedule data import

To bring in data from the source system periodically, you can schedule the import of data.

  1. Switch to the Data Management tab. Under the Import Jobs, click on Schedule Settings as shown

  2. Choose the frequency in which you want to schedule data import and save the configuration. With this, data will be periodically imported into SAP Analytics Cloud.

  3. You can now create a story using the feature 'Run Smart discovery' in SAP Analytics Cloud. All you need to do is to select the model created and choose an attribute that you want to analyse. In this case, I have chosen Cycle time as the attribute to understand the factors influencing it.