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SAP Cloud Platform Master Data for business partners provides reusable master data services for business partner domain on SAP Cloud Platform to act as a central source of access to master data across the system landscape. The service is purpose built to access, manage and enrich business partner master data across business applications.

The service provides shared master data which can be re used in end to end LOB specific intelligent business processes like Source To Pay or Lead To Cash etc.

In addition the service provides out of the box integration to SAP systems like S/4HANA, MDG and various LoB applications.


Key Benefits

  • Maximal data sharing and reuse of master data to perform maintenance on key data elements

  • Loosely coupled integration to support business processes across different LoBs

  • Key Mapping to cross link business partner records across applications and systems

  • CRUD Services for data maintenance and replication (OData and SOAP)


We are pleased to announce the GA release of SAP Cloud Platform Master Data for business partners 1.0.

As of 5th November 2018, release 1.0 of the service is generally available.

The 1.0 release offers the following capabilities:

  • Business Partner general data including Address information, Identification data, Tax Information, Industry data

  • Support of business partner relationships like contact person

  • CRUD capable OData and SOAP APIs with OAuth 2.0 protection

  • Integration with S/4HANA and MDG systems

  • Fiori UIs for maintenance of business partner data and for viewing key mapping

  • Compliance with GDPR requirements to ensure data privacy and protection



The service is multi tenant enabled and provides business partner data to consuming applications from a tenant. The advantage for consuming cloud applications is that they can remove local persistence for the business partner data completely. The service manages the master data in cloud. Multiple cloud applications can use the service in the similar fashion to reduce redundant storage of data and instead refer to the single source of truth.


Integration Scenarios

The service supports out of the box integration with SAP S/4HANA and MDG systems in release 1.0. Business partner records can be replicated from these systems to the service via SOAP channel using existing SOAP message interfaces BusinessPartnerSUITEBulkReplicateRequest and BusinessPartnerRelationshipSUITEBulkReplicateRequest.

When one of the SAP S/4HANA or MDG systems is connected with the service, this system acts as the leading system for business partner records. When a business partner record is created on SCP via CRUD APIs or Fiori UI the record is created in the status of In Preparation or In Validation based on Generic Configurations exposed via ODATA.

The record which is created in a status of In Validation or moved to In Validation from In Preparation is sent to connected leading system via SOAP message. Leading system performs business validations on the record and then sends a confirmation back to SCP business partner service. Once a confirmation is received the record is marked as Active. The service also publishes status change notifications to subscribing applications on SAP Cloud Platform.

Business Partner service supports point to point integration with SAP S/4HANA and MDG systems without needing a middleware in between.

The business partner service can be used as a standalone service on SAP Cloud Platform as well. When the service is running as a stand alone solution then the service itself becomes the owner of business partner data and manages the status of business partner records.


You can get more details about service documentation, administration guide and application help at the Product Page for the service.
Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Awesome, thanks for sharing! Important step forward to a common data model of reuse services ...
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Hello Deepak,

Thank you for the useful information.

Do you also have use-cases why a customer would use the SAP Cloud Platform Master Data for business partners 1.0 when they are already using MDG-BP on-premise?

Best regards,
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Hi Deepak,

Thanks for the blog.

You have mentioned the service supports out of the box integration to S/4 HANA and MDG systems.

My question is if we have other C/4 HANA cloud components already in the landscape, then how can we sync the data all through?

Or how can we govern the data which are generated and used in other C/4 HANA cloud components?

Thanks in advance!