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To define and implement a successful UI strategy for a solution/product/service is a complex challenge. Multiple constraints influence the decision process and evolve over time. The list includes

  • customer expectations

  • architecture best practices

  • company strategy

  • ability to execute

  • ...

When we started to implement our cloud service years ago we acknowledged the customer expectation to offer a browser based environment for integration content discovery, configuration, modeling and monitoring.

However, to maintain a high feature velocity we adopted as intermediate step a dual approach - Web Application (mainly for discovery and configuration) and Eclipse PlugIns (for modeling and monitoring) in parallel. During this phase we invested steadily on the Web Application also for modeling and configuration.

With our progress in the last months we are close to offer a fully enabled Web Application that supports all use cases for Integration Developers. One of the last remaining features is Integration Flow tracing which will be completed in our next monthly deliveries.

Based on the positive customer feedback on our "WebUI only" approach and our implementation progress made we reduce our development investments in Eclipse PlugIns going forward.

This means in detail

  • we discontinue the "Integration Designer" feature for Eclipse by 06-June-2018 in the context of our Eclipse Oxygen adoption (please use the Web Application instead)

  • we restrict the remaining features in Eclipse and encourage Eclipse usage only for the ADK based adapter development use case

You may continue to use your existing Eclipse Neon installations beyond 06-June, but our future development, maintenance & support would be on our Web Application only.

I recommend you to explore the Web Application capabilities if not done yet.



  1. We currently don't have plans to move to SAP Web IDE development platform as

    • our development focus is on the Integration Flow modeling environment

    • we plan to extend our offering in Web Application which supports and improves all use cases for an Integration Developer

  2. The ADK based adapter development use case is defined as "create, implement, unit test and deploy your adapter". No change for these actions in Eclipse. But consumption of the adapter in an Integration Flow will require Web Application usage in future.