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This document describes where the SAP Cloud Platform data centers are and how to report outages when problems arise.

SAP Cloud Platform Data Centers and where they are

The SAP Cloud Platform has data centers all over the world as shown below.  As of 2018, we have 12 SAP data centers on Neo, 2 Microsoft Azure data centers on Cloud Foundry, and one GCP data center on Cloud Foundry.

Location Data Center / Environment
St. Leon-Rot, Germany SAP Data Center / Neo
Moscow, Russia SAP Data Center / Neo
Tokyo, Japan SAP Data Center / Neo
Sydney, Australia SAP Data Center / Neo
Riyadh,  Saudi Arabia SAP Data Center / Neo
Dubai,  United Arab Emirates SAP Data Center / Neo
Amsterdam,  Netherlands SAP Data Center / Neo
Toronto, Canada SAP Data Center / Neo
Sterling, USA SAP Data Center / Neo
Ashburn, USA SAP Data Center / Neo
Chandler, USA SAP Data Center / Neo
Sao Paulo, Brazil SAP Data Center / Neo
Sao Paulo, Brazil AWS / Cloud Foundry
Frankfurt, Germany AWS / Cloud Foundry
US East (VA) AWS / Cloud Foundry
US West (CA) *BETA* Azure / Cloud Foundry
Netherlands *BETA* Azure / Cloud Foundry
US Central (IA) *BETA* GCP / Cloud Foundry

For more information on SAP Data Centers, start here.

About Landscape Hosts

Applications can be deployed on the productive landscape or the trial landscape for your applications.

Use the landscapes as follows:

  • Productive landscape: Represents the productive environment and can be used by customer and partner accounts only

  • Trial landscape: The platform for testing the SAP Cloud Platform functionality. To use this platform, you require a developer account. It is the platform on which beta functionality can be tested.

Each landscape is segmented by region.  For example, if the application URL is myapp<account_name> then your data center is located in Ashburn, Virginia

How to get Support

The SAP Cloud Platform factory landscape provides 24/7 support and monitoring.  All planned downtime will be scheduled and notifications broadcast to notification email list subscribers (see instructions below).  During the maintenance period, you will not be able to deploy and start any services. Click on the “learn more” button for more information on how to enter a support ticket if your productive landscape is having issues.

To receive regular updates about the platform infrastructure:

SAP Cloud Platform Related Information
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