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SAP FKOM 2019 events are taking place around the world these days. As it has been announced, this year is the year of experience. Experience economy. Experience matters.

In order to explain what is experience economy, I would like to quote Moritz Zimmermann, chief technology officer of SAP Customer Experience: “We live in an experience economy. Eighty percent of consumers pick a product or service based on experience — it’s not just about it being cheaper or available.”

Experience is becoming more and more important for each of us. I use Netflix because of fantastic personalize experience they offer, ready to pay some additional bucks to get onboard Singapore Airlines and just walked 500 additional meters in the airport to get a cup of coffee in Starbucks. Do they serve the best coffee at the airport? Seriously doubt it. Do they provide the best experience for the customers? I think so.

SAP has best-in-class products, which help customers to provide an amazing experience to the clients.

So what is the place of SAP Cloud Platform in this picture? Is it only about C/4 HANA? These were the most popular questions among SCP folks all these days.

My understanding that Cloud Platform will be the main driver of innovations. There are a lot of cases that come up when we are talking about innovations in customer experience:

  • Chatbots and assistants which can help customers to know where is the nearest branch located

  • Machine Learning algorithms can suggest recommended movies

  • Blockchain can help customer to understand who produced just drunk smoothy, where pineapples grew and who delivered them to the factory

  • IoT helps to start car engine from home and warm it up when it is -20 degrees outside.

All of these can be easily implemented with help of SAP Cloud Platform. And these are just a couple of examples.

Besides that, don't forget about extensibility and integration. The lightweight and agile SAP Cloud Platform Extension Factory will serve as the central point of extensibility for all customer experience products allowing very fast turnaround times in a cloud-native, microservice based fashion.


To summarise all written above, I would like to say that I'm really excited, that this year is going to be the year of experience.  I expect a lot of interesting use cases and mind-blowing innovations implemented on SAP Cloud Platform. And what is most important, all of these will have only one main objective - to improve customer experience. Which means make our lives a little bit better.


#ExperienceMatters #SAPCloudPlatform
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