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In this blog, I will explain what is SAP API Management Onboarding, steps involved in Service Activation, Sub-Accounts and API Management Configurations.

SAP Cloud Platform, API Management Onboarding is sequence of steps to get dedicated resources, your own space and thus you get API Portal and Devportal. When a customer decides to sign a SAP CP contract (which is of course in the productive landscape), then the customer receives a Global Account.

Once the customer purchases SAP Cloud Platform, API Management license then API Management service is activated in his accounts.

Sub-Account is an account where you directly run applications or services which cannot be done in Global account. Depending on the needs, customers can have one or more Sub accounts. For example

    1. Dev, test, prod set up

    2. Access across Line of businesses like Marketing team, IT Team etc.

Only one instance of SAP API Management Service can be activated for each sub-account.

For More Details on Global Account and Subaccounts Refer

I have segregated this blog in 2 Sections

  • Section 1-Service Activation

  • Section 2-API Management Configurations

Section 1: Service Activation

Let’s check out how to do these steps

1.Logon to HCP cockpit and click on New Subaccount

2. Add Display Name, Description and Save it.

3. Account with <Display Name> will be created.

4. Go to that account, Navigate to Services.

5. Search for API Management and Enable it.

Note: - Since on the LS, the SAP API Management is already “Enabled”, its shown as “Enabled”

otherwise an “Enable” button would have been shown.

Section 2: API Management Configurations

1. Now if you have NOT enabled API Management Service with your user Go to API Portal (Roles & Destinations)

2.Give corresponding user following role “APIManagement.SelfService.Administrator”

3.Now open API Portal and select what configurations are required

For eg Under account, select Production or Non-Production depending on the usage, both are same it’s just that if the setup is in dev or test or some performance measurements are to be carried out we use Non-Production. SLA’s are same for both.

Virtual Host identifies your organization and are base URLs of an API proxy

Enter S User credentials in user name and password which will be used to connect to API Portal/Devportal and click on Set up

5.Raise a request to OPU-API-OD-DT to complete the procedure by SAP

6.Now unassign following roles and Assign API Portal Service Admin role

  • APIManagement.SelfService.Administrator – Unassign

  • APIPortalServiceAdministrator - Assign

With these Steps, we are ready to use API Portal and Devportal

Also, find the video below

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