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The news might have got unnoticed, so thought of writing a quick blog about the same. SAP Cloud ALM for Operations has Integration & Exception monitoring functionality. As the name suggests it provides transparency over interface calls and message flows, providing root causes from technical and business perspective.

Till now this capability supports many products and list can be easily found here.

However, what is important to note, as of 10th June 2021, SAP Cloud ALM’s this capability also supports SAP Ariba. Now you can easily detect failed message flows and detect business disruptions easily.

Products supported by Integration and Exception monitoring capability of SAP Cloud ALM

The SAP Ariba products supported are:

  1. SAP Ariba Sourcing

  2. SAP Ariba Procurement

  3. SAP Ariba Network

  4. SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway (CIG)

The details of types message supported and additional details can be found here. The process of setting up connectivity with SAP Ariba products is also described in the same link.

Now, let me show a brief glimpse of how a typical topology view would look for SAP Ariba products and what kind UI experience you have.

Topology view of Integration and Exception Monitoring


In the above view, you would notice a topology diagram of SAP S/4HANA Cloud, SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway (CIG) and SAP Ariba Sourcing. Now, let’s dive into the CIG to find what’s wrong and why it shows a red status.

Error messages detected in SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway

We see 69 errors and one can easily go & see the details of these errors. There seem to be 9 error messages from CIG.

Summary of error messages

Drilling down further, we can notice a lot more details about the messages e.g. Document Type, Document ID, Direction, Sender ID, etc.

List of error messages

Let’s go further in and see the details of the messages. The status details and application data from CIG are available too. The information is very helpful in understanding what messages are showing synchronizations errors, what these errors are, and which document ID has failed.


Error message details

SAP Cloud ALM for operations also provides functionality for searching on single messages and getting alerts on failed messages or exceptions.

The Integration & Exception Monitoring in SAP Cloud ALM supporting SAP Ariba products will help SAP Ariba customers in quickly identifying error in message flows and taking suitable measures to resolve them.

If you are SAP Ariba customer and like this functionality, you can claim your entitlement of SAP Cloud ALM here.

For more details on possibilities SAP Cloud ALM bring for you, have a look at this support portal page.

Enjoy SAP Cloud ALM!