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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

I have had several customers ask me recently "How can they influence the features and functionality being delivered with SAP Cloud ALM?" Short of bribing the Product Developers with enormous bags of Haribo Gummy Bears, there is a way.

It is called the "Customer Influence Program" and currently includes two separate, ongoing SAP Cloud ALM Campaigns. One for SAP Continuous Influence SAP Cloud ALM for Operations and the other for SAP Customer Influence for SAP Cloud ALM for Implementation 

If you have never participated in a Customer Influence Program with SAP, the Influence process has been around for years and participation has always been pretty high. To be honest, the Influence Process was how we got most of our Support Pack Enhancements back in the old On-Prem Solution Manager days.

Now, we have the opportunity to do the same with SAP Cloud ALM. I mention Please Vote because there are a number of very positive Improvement Requests logged which have not yet reached the threshold of 10 unique customers "up-voting" them for consideration. I am starting to think maybe not enough of you know about the Influence Process. 

Up-Voting an Improvement Request is as simple as hitting the little heart at the bottom of the request. See below. It only takes seconds to read the description and decide which ones you would like to see considered by SAP Product Development.


Even better, if you don't see an Improvement Request you like, it is pretty simple to Submit Your Own New Improvement. The link is right there at the bottom of the screen. If the Improvement Request is well written (they love screenshots almost as much as Gummy Bears) and your request appeals to enough customers, you too may see your Improvement Request as a future Roadmap Item. 

Alas, as an SAP Employee, they really frown on me logging or voting on all of the great Improvement Requests so it means it is up to you as real live, bonafide users of SAP Cloud ALM to be the ones voting. One vote from each customer is all it takes. Voting is quick and easy and you too can sleep well at night because you are helping to influence the future direction of SAP Cloud ALM.

Now please do your part and go vote!

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

There is also a SAP Influence Campaign for SAP Cloud ALM for Service
Please Refer to KBA 3391676 - SAP Continuous Influence for SAP Cloud ALM