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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
SAP Cloud ALM is the SAP cloud-based solution for Application Lifecycle Management for cloud and hybrid customers.

You can find all information here

SAP CALM for Operations have several core capabilities like Business Processes Monitoring,  Integration & Exceptions Monitoring, Intelligent Event Processing, etc.

The Intelligent Event processing allows the customer to set and select the outbound integration he wants to use to notify any events/alerts to the right entity/person.

The notification can be sent by setting an event action.
There are 4 events action available for an integration with an external system:
1 - Send Email To : Send a email to a verified recipient

2 -Trigger Operation Flow : Start a operation flow set in SAP Workflow Managment, SAP Automation Pilot or SAP iRPA

3 - Create Ticket : Send a service ticket to a service like ServiceNow, JIRA

4 - Send Chat Message : Send a Chat message to a chat system like Microsoft TEAMS

In this blog, i will explain how to set the 4th event action "Send a Chat Message".

Step 1: In Microsoft Teams, Create an Incoming Webhooks

By following the steps explained in the Microsoft website, you will obtain an incoming webhook URL from the link corner.

This screenshot shows the unique webhook URL.

Step 2: Create Destination in the SAP BTP Cockpit where SAP CALM is running

(You need access to the SAP Cloud ALM subaccount in BTP Cockpit. Your user needs the role "Connectivity and Destination Administrator" in the SAP Cloud ALM subaccount)

Log on to BTP Cockpit and enter your SAP Cloud ALM subaccount

Navigate to "Connectivity" > "Destinations"

Click "New Destination"

Name: Enter a destination name that identifies the Microsoft Teams channel it connects to (e.g. MSTEAMS_CLOUDALM)

Type: HTTP

Description: A description of the destination

URL: The URL of the webhook created in teams

Proxy Type: Internet

Authentication: NoAuthentication

Click the "Save" button

Destination Settings


Step 3: Create the webhook in SAP Cloud ALM

Log on to your SAP Cloud ALM tenant

Navigate to "Administration" > "External API Management"

External Api Management


Select the view "Webhooks Management"

Webhooks management


Click the "+" button to add a new webhook

    1. Name: Enter a name for the webhook (e.g. MSTeams_CloudALM)

    2. Path: keep empty

    3. Destination Source: BTP Destination

    4. Destination Id: Select the destination you created in the BTP Cockpit

    5. External Resource Type: Select "Chat"

    6. Destination Type: Select „Microsoft Teams"

New Webhook

Your changes are saved automatically.

The new webhook

Step 4: Create the subscription in SAP Cloud ALM

In "External API Management" navigate to the view "Subscriptions Management"

Add a subscription


Click the "+" button to create a new subscription

    1. Name: Enter a speaking name, this is the name users will see when they set up the chat message creation for the alert.

    2. Description: Enter a description

    3. Type: Select "Built-in"

    4. Resource Type: Select CALM Event Situation

    5. Webhook: Select the webhook you created in the previous step

    6. Mapping: “Event Situation to MS Teams Chat”


create the subscription

Your changes will be saved automatically.

New subscription


Step 5: Configure an Event Reaction in SAP Cloud ALM

You can now use this configuration to send chat messages from events.

Navigate to the configuration for the application for which you want to configure the automatic creation of chat messages for the event

Select the service for which you want to create the event

In the configuration UI, select the tab "Events"

Create an event (The available events differ for different use cases and different service/system types)

    1. Scroll down to "Event Actions" > "Send Chat Message"

    2. Click the "+" button to add the correct subscription

    3. Select the subscription that you created in the previous step

    4. Save your changes

Event Reaction

Result in Microsoft TEAMS


If an alert is triggered in SAP CALM and an event reaction "Send Chat Notification" is set for this kind of alert, a post will be created automatically in the team channel where the webhook is configured.

The members of the TEAMS channel with right authorizations in SAP CALM can access the alert  details in SAP CALM by clicking the Open Alert link.

In the Teams channel



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