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As I noted in my previous blog entry, we've been busy improving the user experience in the SAP Cloud ALM Fiori Launchpad. In this article, I'm going to show you some of the new personalization features, specifically two major items I'm kind of excited about:

  1. Personalization of the Launchpad tiles.

  2. Saving Task and Requirement list views at personal Launchpad tiles.

Personalization of the Launchpad Tiles

With this feature, you can tailor the Fiori Launchpad exactly to your wishes. You can remove and rearrange the tiles.

To enter personalization mode, select "Edit Home Page" from your user menu in the top-right of the Launchpad:

Personalization: Edit Home Page

You will then see that the home page switches to a new view, There are a lot of options here, including

  • Adding tiles to your own predefined "My Home" group and other existing groups,

  • Creating new groups,

  • Hiding groups,

  • Removing tiles completely,

  • Resetting your personalization (helpful if you make a mistake and remove a tile you still need).

Since I use the Tasks and Requirements tiles frequently, I'll add them to the "My Home" group. To do so, I just click on the "+" icon in the blank tile under "My Home", and select Tasks and Requirements from the following tag catalog page:

Adding tiles to the My Home group

When I close personalization mode, the Launchpad displays the previously hidden My Home group, now that it is no longer empty.

The My Home group with added tiles

The system saves my personalization. The next time I log on, the tiles will still be there.

This can be quite a time saver: you can put the tile you use most right at the top. To make things even simpler, you can hide anything you never use. You can always get hidden tiles back by re-selecting them from the tile catalog.

Saving Tasks and Requirement List Views as Personal Launchpad Tiles

This is a feature I think is really cool. But I would think that, since I was involved in getting this delivered.

There is now a new share menu in the top-right corner of the Task and Requirement list. This allows you to save the current list view as a tile on the Launchpad. That means, if you create your own view with custom filter and column settings, you can access directly with one click from the Launchpad.

The new share menu in the Task and Requirement list


I often want to see all items which are assigned to me and are still open. So I created a view for myself called "All my Tasks, Stories, Requirements", which, as you would guess, shows all open Tasks, User Stories, Requirements, and Subtasks which are assigned to me.

Customized view showing all items assigned to me

When I select "Save as Tile", the system prompts me to enter a title, and other optional information including the group. Since this tile is important to me, I'll keep it in the default "My Home":

Saving a list view as a tile


Now, when I navigate back to the Launchpad home page, the system has saved my new tile there. Since this is my most important tile, I dragged it into the first position - rearrangement by drag and drop is another new personalization function.

The customized My Home group

Now, whenever I log in to SAP Cloud ALM, I have the tiles I use the most often right at the top of the page, and I have my most important personalized list view in the very first position.

There is one thing to be aware of though: *the system only saves the current view* as a tile, not your current filter settings.

Therefore if you want to save your filter settings as a tile, first save them as a view, or update an existing view:

The launchpad only saves the current view as a tile

This has the advantage that if you change the view in the future, your personalized tile will always display the updated view. However it might be confusing to you if you expect your current, unsaved filter settings to be saved in the tile.

I hope you find this helpful. We're always happy to hear your feedback and suggestions.

P.S., there's another share menu we've added. You might notice this in the detail view of Tasks and Requirements. That one lets you send a URL to a specific item by email to your colleagues. That's something for another blog article.
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