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Product and Topic Expert
The purpose of this blog is to explain how to setup live connectivity to SAP BW from SAP BusinessObjects Cloud (BOC) when using SAP Web Dispatcher as the Reverse Proxy

The BOC online help shows BW live connectivity is now possible with Wave 2017.02 onwards.


SAP BW system on BW7.5 SP04+ with following SAP Notes implemented.

  • Implement SAP Note 2371144 and run the report RS_UDO_NOTE_2357858

  • Implement SAP Note 2357858

  • Implement SAP Note 2405311 and run the report RS_UDO_NOTE_2405311

  • Implement SAP Note 2405313

  • Implement SAP Note 2405890

  • Run report RS_UDO_NOTE_2406896

  • Implement SAP Note 2418232

  • Implement smaller corrections with SAP Notes 2420143, 2407568 and 242021


SAP Web Dispatcher is installed and configured on port 443 in the same network as your on-premise BW system.

refer to blogs:

BOC url: A simple URL uses the following format: <YourCustomDomain>.<region>


Configure SAP Webdispatcher .

a. open sapwebdisp pfl file and edit it to include SAP BW ip address or hostname and save it.

In my example it is wdisp/system_2 from the screenshot below.  Notice I refer to the EXTSRV with a http protocol and the HTTP port need to be the same as in the SMICM transaction.




b. open Filter_rules.txt file or rewrite.txt file , to add a rewrite rule and save it.

In my example, it is the last rule shown:

c. If the SAP Web Dispatcher is already running, close the web dispatcher command prompt window to terminate the web dispatcher process. Restart web dispatcher by issuing command again:

sapwebdisp pf=sapwebdisp.pfl


d. Launch a Chrome Browser and enter the following URL, in the address bar:

https://<SAPWebDispatcherFQDN>:443 ,

Business Objects cloud web site is now being accessed via the Web Dispatcher

Enter your user credential to login to the SAP BusinessObjects Cloud and make sure you can reach the home screen once you’ve logged in.

e. from Main menu, click on connections to create BW live connectivity.

Menu > Connections > + > Live Data Connection–> Select SAP BW


f.  in the New Live Connection window, please provide the connection details.

  • Name

  • Client

  • Language

  • Path Prefix (refer to web dispatcher configuration)

  • User credentials




click OK, you can see the newly created Live connection in the list.


Refer to SAP BusinessObjects Cloud Support Matrix for Online Connectivity to SAP NetWeaver BW

System Requirements and Technical Prerequisites:


Note: SAP Web Dispatcher is not the recommended reverse proxy as a general rule the Apache reverse proxy is preferred since the Apache Reverse Proxy resolves SAML SSO issues that aren’t possible with the SAP Web Dispatcher.


refer to SAP Note 2288285 - what data sources are supported with SAP BusinessObjects Cloud


Thank you.