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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Bill Gates wrote the essay “Content is king,” and now is common phrase used to talk about the importance of content in business. “Conversation is king, content is just something to talk about,” claimed Corey Doctorow. “Content is king, but marketing is queen, and runs the household,” explained by Gary Vaynerchuk at the 2008 Blog World Expo.

No matter how you look at it, content is essential to the success of a customer implementing and running their business. At SAP, we know the importance of content and how it plays a significant part in providing data to value. Content serves as accelerators for line of business (LOB) and Industry domain-specific scenario implementations that can reduce time to value for customers.

Companies and individuals define content in different ways since it serves many purposes depending on the context. For the context of SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP), when we say “content” or “business content,” what do we mean?

SAP applications offer ready-to-use functionality, rather than implementing the desired functionality for each customer from scratch. This ready-built functionality is called “business content” and can be easily adjusted to a customer’s individual needs.​

Business content are pre-packaged objects that can be deployed as part of a specific SAP BTP service, such as in SAP Integration Suite, SAP Workflow Management, SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation, SAP Analytic Cloud, and SAP Data Warehouse Cloud. The type of content object depends on the hosting SAP BTP service. The content creation process is also dependent on the hosting SAP BTP service​.

Business content addresses a domain- and/or industry-specific requirement. Content acts as a quick start to solve the specific requirement, but can be adapted and enhanced by the customer. Business content cannot be consumed without a corresponding SAP BTP service, which is serving as the runtime for the content package.​

SAP generates a lot of assets that fall into the definition of business content; this helps to increase adoption for SAP applications and, ultimately, SAP BTP. With the creation of this content from SAP (and its Partners), it provides faster time to value for SAP solutions relevant to the core systems, Industry Cloud, and LOBs.

What exactly does SAP and the SAP Partner Network provide to our customers in terms of business content? Again, this comes back to how you look at content, and it’s also worth noting that our Partner Network provides its own content to their customers, as well.

For SAP BTP, we provide content for processes, integration, bots, applications, and more. The SAP Business Accelerator Hub has hundreds of content packages from SAP and our partners, providing process content that includes process variants, visibility dashboards, business rules, UI5, forms, and provides integration via integration flows and adapters, message mappings, and value mappings.

For SAP HANA & Analytics the Analytics Content Network (CAN) provides visualization and business content for SAP Analytics Cloud, and tables, views, analytical datasets, and fact models for SAP Data Warehouse Cloud. These can also be accessed through the SAP Store.

To support our customers’ and partners’ various requirements, other content repositories include our Developer Center, SAP Discovery Center, Roadmap Explorer, PartnerEdge, and Qualified Partner Packaged Solutions (QPPS). As mentioned before, Partners have their own content repositories to support their SAP customers.

Business content within SAP BTP is crucial in order to showcase the platform’s advantages with fast implementation and future-proof innovation. SAP BTP business content should be positioned to every SAP customer as it enables the ability to move quickly with implementation, to build successfully, and to operate efficiently. Customers should take advantage of all the available assets made possible by SAP and SAP Partners on our various content repositories.

So, if you are looking at all of these content repositories through SAP and the SAP Partner Network, you will see that SAP certainly believes that content is king!

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