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Dear SAP Community members, 

In case some of you missed SAP TechEd keynote (which I am sure there are very few): I am happy to let you know that SAP Build is now out! 

What is SAP Build for? In a few words, SAP Build is a unified low-code solution portfolio which enables everyone no matter the skill level to automate processes and tasks with drag-and-drop simplicity.

To learn more on how SAP Build is addressing our customers’ needs during times of change and the great outcomes it brings, I invite you to read this blog post from JG Chirapurath, SAP BTP Chief Marketing & Solution Officer. 

What is SAP Build made of? 

SAP Build is designed to support users of every skill level including those with little or no formal coding experience. The three core components of are: 

The SAP Build unified access to SAP Build Apps, SAP Build Process Automation and SAP Build Work Zone, provides advanced lifecycle management and monitoring capabilities. Sharing of reusable application artifacts such as UX components, workflows, automations, data models and business logic facilitates creation of compossible and sophisticated applications.  

You want learn more on SAP Build? 

Watch the 8 minutes live demo shown at SAP TechEd 2022 during the keynote from SAP CTO Juergen Mueller: 

And to go deeper from a technical perspective, to discover in detail what is under the hood and what is planned in our roadmap, I invite you to also read this blog post from Juergen. 

A true highlight is also, that SAP Build is now integrated with SAP Signavio: this means that SAP Signavio Process Intelligence can trigger automated actions through APIs to perform process automations with workflows and bots, as you can see in this 3-minute demo: 

Together, SAP Signavio and SAP Build offer an end-to-end experience from process insights to process improvement. 

Join the SAP Builders Community

As Juergen said in his keynote, “With SAP Build, everyone can become a builder, everyone! 

Do you want to become an SAP Builder and build your next great idea without writing code?  

It is very easy to get started with SAP build, thank to our new our new SAP Builders Program. It helps customers ramp up quickly on SAP Build and connect with their peers. The program offers learning with interactive hands-on sessions and hackathons and gives SAP and community experts a forum to share best practices. 

In addition, SAP Build is available on SAP BTP free tier platform. The SAP free tier model enables you to start for free and without time limits. You can test your scenarios up to a specified capacity limit. When you’re ready to go, you can easily switch to the paid service plan, without losing your work. Check out our SAP BTP free tier and get started right away! 

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How is this different from SAP AppGyver and it was in sunset mode?
SAP Build Sunset Update – One year later | SAP Blogs


Amit Lal
The Keynote was great, so where the Workshops. Great stuff in 2022.
Actually, it has nothing to do with the obsolete SAP Build.

They are just using the same term (make it somewhat confusing, I guess).
There was an old SAP Build, that was a tool available on, that tool is in sunset mode. AppGyver is still a stratetic product by SAP, it was simply renamed to SAP Build Apps.
SAP Build is a merging of three current products on SAP BTP:
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Thanks for clarification, Stefan.

So, I'm a little bit confused now. Don't get me wrong, I love the concept, but....

If I look at the estimator, these pop up:


I hope my eyes deceive me but it looks like SAP Build Apps needs to be part of the offering for all others to work. Correct?

That means 1000 euro's per month per tenant. Correct?

And you still need all the CF runtime part, memory, bandwidth, Correct?

So if you take the lowest option for CPEA credits, (10k), you couldn't even start with Build.

And in all honesty, how can this be interesting for our customer who got a percentage of credits with their RISE deal?

Now even Mendix is an option again for those prices....


Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Thanks Laurens for your questions. Let me clarify: SAP Build is comprised of three products that can be used and bought independently.

SAP Build Apps pricing has evolved from a pure design-time pricing to a run-time pricing, allowing our customers to buy everything they need with their Build Apps licenses.

Additionally, all customers with a “RISE with S/4HANA cloud, public edition” license are entitled to use SAP Build Process Automation free of charge with full functionality, limited capacity.

We’re happy to dive deeper, you can reach us at:
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Thanks for the reply! I like the last bit. Would be great if i can get in contact with you at to discuss the pricing options. Just for me to better understand.

All the best