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Product and Topic Expert

SAP offers powerful solutions for application development and automation. Let’s look at two flagship products – SAP Build and SAP Build Code. How do they differ? Or are they the same? Is SAP Build Code subordinate to SAP Build? Are there any commonalities? It’s time to shed some light…

SAP Build and SAP Build Code – are they actually the same thing?

At a casual glance, it might seem SAP Build and SAP Build Code are twins trudging the identical path. Although they have similar names and are integral elements of the same application development and automation machinery, they serve distinctive purposes catering to developers of different intentions and proficiency.

SAP Application Development_LowCode_ProCode.png

SAP Build is a versatile tool that caters to developers looking for simplified solutions for rapid development. It proves equally effective for experienced developers who appreciate a straightforward and fast-paced coding environment. Meanwhile, SAP Build Code is a comprehensive solution that provides an extensive range of functionalities that professional developers find valuable.

Together, SAP Build and SAP Build Code create a well-rounded toolkit that accommodates both quick-and-easy and more intricate coding scenarios. This balance fosters a conducive environment for developers at all levels, simplifying application development and contributing to the inclusivity and diversity of the coding landscape.

What is SAP Build made for?

First and foremost, SAP Build triumphs in its capacity to accommodate users of all skill levels, including those with little or no classic coding experience. This tool is built to simplify and accelerate application development and automation using its three core components:

  • SAP Build Apps: An intuitive interface that enables the creation of enterprise-grade apps with drag-and-drop simplicity.
  • SAP Build Process Automation: A powerful feature that visually automates processes and tasks.
  • SAP Build Work Zone: A design tool that allows users to craft business sites and create digital experiences using a visual editor and pre-built templates.

SAP Build Components.png

These components showcase the true power of SAP Build: providing simple tools to rapidly develop no matter the skill level. SAP Build provides lifecycle management and monitoring capabilities and encourages the sharing of reusable application artifacts — such as UX components, workflows, automations, data models, and business logic — facilitating the creation of sophisticated applications.

SAP Build welcomed a new family member to the realm of application development last year: its sibling, SAP Build Code...

Which use cases are covered by SAP Build Code?

SAP Build Code serves developers, providing them with a seamlessly integrated environment for coding, testing, application lifecycle management, optimized for SAP development. It offers generative AI-based code development with Joule copilot, based on natural language descriptions, and is optimized for Java and JavaScript application development.

SAP Build Code.png

The Unified Lobby: Where All Products Converge

A significant commonality exists between SAP Build and SAP Build Code: a unified lobby that brings all the products of SAP Build and SAP Build Code into a centralized hub. This shared space not only facilitates cohesion among various tools but also enhances collaboration between developers and business experts, facilitating business insights into software development.

In all, whether you choose the simplicity and ease of SAP Build or the flexible and extensive approach of SAP Build Code, you can count on a seamless, optimized application development experience that aligns with your skill set and project requirements. SAP continues to revolutionize application development with these sophisticated tools, catering to both novice and expert developers, and ensuring efficient and secure development processes.

SAP Build lobby common.png

SAP Build lobby.png


SAP Build lobby application development.png


Fusion Development: How to combine the powers of SAP Build and SAP Build Code

The concept of Fusion Development refers to multi-disciplinary and distributed digital business teams that combine technology with various other domain expertise. An example of this would be addressing an invoicing problem through the collaborative efforts of business experts technological adept yet adverse to coding, along with professional developers who thoroughly investigate all technical issues. This team then has to tackle problems such as dealing with numerous invoices for catering, venue, and other expenses that differ in cost and currency depending on location. Some locations make it easier to track expenses while others pose a challenge.

Addressing the invoicing problem requires the development of an application that allows local organizers to upload invoices. Keeping in mind the complex nature of these expenses, the application must incorporate a dynamic system capable of categorizing expenses, automating decision-making processes for lower-cost items, and identifying high-cost items that must be reviewed manually. This will not only streamline the process but also ensure that all finances are accurately assessed.

This is where the concept of Fusion Development comes into play, integrating SAP Build Code and SAP Build. A professional developer creates a service using SAP Build Code, supplemented with an application to facilitate expense uploading via mobile or desktop platform. Leveraging SAP Build Work Zone, this application is activated on a business site, with an automated function configured through SAP Build Process Automation. This makes sure human review is sought when expense submissions exceed a predetermined threshold, thus ensuring a seamless and efficient accounting process.

All the details of this Fusion Development story:

How generative AI plays into SAP Build and SAP Build Code: