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The new version of SAP BTP SDK for Android – version 24.4.0 is now available.

You can download the latest version of the SDK either from the Software Center or the downloads section on

The SAP BTP SDK for Android team brings some exciting new features to you with this new release.

In this blog, we will highlight some of the cool features that come with the new upgrade. To get a detailed overview of all the features released, please visit our user documentation and our API reference documentation.



SDK Versioning Format

The previous major release of SAP BTP SDK for Android was 7.1. However, with our first release of 2024, we want to align the product versioning across the entire SAP Mobile Services suite. The SAP BTP SDK for Android will now follow the Year.Month.Patch format, where 'Patch' will be used for incremental updates. Therefore, this release version is 24.4.0 because we are releasing it in April 2024. Please see this SAP Note (3426373) for our releases planned for 2024.



Restrict URLs

The "Restrict URLs" feature offers enterprises a crucial security enhancement by preventing the opening of harmful URLs within their apps. This capability safeguards users from phishing attacks, protects against malware, ensures compliance with industry standards, and enhances overall user trust. For example, an application with notes functionality can help end-users avoid opening malicious URLs present in the notes.

Restrict Print Feature

The "Restrict Print" feature equips enterprises with a vital control measure to restrict print functionality within applications. This feature helps prevent unauthorized printing, enhancing data security, and maintaining compliance with privacy regulations. For instance, an app can utilize this feature to restrict the printing of sensitive customer information stored in a table, offering an additional layer of protection against unauthorized dissemination.


SAP Fiori

Jetpack Compose Controls

Notable enhancements have been made to some of the controls. These include resetting selections in ListPicker, persisting selection even after a DropdownMenu is closed, and supporting alternative calendars. Additionally, the release introduces new controls such as FioriNativeFileViewer, allowing users to view PDFs, text, images, and media files, and FioriAttachment for selecting files or capturing images.

Jetpack Compose Fiori Flow

Use a built-in laser scanner instead of the camera to scan the onboarding QR code. Add illustrations on the onboarding screens and customize the sign-in user avatar.

XML-View Based Controls

Similar to the Jetpack Compose controls, the ListPicker supports resetting of selections and a circular progress indicator when loading items. Additionally, illustrations can be added to the onboarding screens.



You can now use Kotlin to write the OData client code. Additionally, with the 24.4 release you can also define default values for key properties and use the singleton entity.




You can now use Android Studio Iguana with SAP BTP SDK for Android 24.4.

OData v4 Sample Service

Starting from the 24.4 release, when you build a sample application using the Wizard or configure the sample service in your server-side config on Mobile Services, the v4 version of OData will be used. Therefore, the app generated by the wizard will build a scaffolding app for a v4 OData endpoint rather than a v2 one.


Raise A Request

If you have feature ideas that the SDK should support, please raise an improvement request here:


Feature Summary

This blog highlights some of the features released with the new version of SAP BTP SDK for Android – 24.4.0. For details, please check the important links section.

  • New Versioning Format
  • Additional App Management Features (Restrict URL, Restrict Print)
  • New Fiori Horizon Controls on Jetpack Compose and XML based Views
  • Supporting Android Studio Iguana
  • Use Kotlin for Offline OData


Important Links



A huge kudos to the spectacular team that worked tirelessly, right from conceptualizing the improvements, to defining, designing, building, and eventually delivering them.