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Product and Topic Expert


We are thrilled to share our enhanced upgrades for the SAP BTP cockpit, which bring an amplified commercial transparency within the Entitlements pages. Our focus is to deliver a clear understanding of your entitlement source, illustrating the origins of each entitled plan within your global account. This is a significant step towards helping global account admins and viewers realize the connections between contractual service entitlements and technical assets (services and plans) in their global accounts. This feature could prove tremendously helpful, especially when your account consists of several subscriptions from diverse packages for the same service plan, or when your global account is entitled to service plans drawn from both subscription-based and consumption-based models.

Before diving into the details, let me clarify few terms used on SAP BTP cockpit “Entitlement” Pages:

  • Entitlement: This represents your right to provision and use a resource. In the SAP BTP cockpit (as well as in btp CLI and SAP Cloud Management APIs), entitlements are illustrated by service plans and quota you qualify to use. 
  • Service Plan: This is a unique variant of an SAP BTP service or SaaS solution offering distinct features and/or sizing options. These plans are made available in the SAP BTP cockpit (as well as in btp CLI and SAP Cloud Management APIs) for customers to provision and use within their global account.
  • Assignments: These are the service plans and their allocated quota which the global account admin distributes as needed to the subaccounts and directories across their global account structure.
  • Quota: This represents the numeric quantity defining the maximum allowed usage of a resource, basically, it reflects how much of a service/technical plan you're entitled to use.

Here's what’s new:

Entitlements > Service Assignments page:

Service AssingmentsService Assingments



  • You would find a 'Show commercial info' toggle button. Once activated, this option adds new commercially oriented columns, including Entitlement Source, Licensed Quantity, and Commercial Type, into the main table. (1)
  • 'All Services' option presents a comprehensive overview of all accessible service entitlements in your global account. (2)
  • 'Assignments by Service' choice allows you to select specific services and understand how their service plans are appointed to subaccounts and directories within your global account. (3)
  • The 'Service Assignments' page now includes a 'Assigned To' column under the 'All Services' view, showing the total number of directories and subaccounts where each service plan is allocated in your global account. The links in this column help you swiftly navigate to the chosen service view and get further details about these assignments. (4)
  • Filter on Entitlement Source - allows you to filter the listed plans by the source of the entitled plan, in other words, how the plan was added to your global account. (5)

Entitlements Entity Assignments page:

Entity AssignmentsEntity Assignments

 Add Service PlansAdd Service Plans

  • A new 'View Commercial Info' tab provides expansive commercial information. (1)
  • 'Add Service Plans' toggle button boosts each service plan with an extendable 'Entitlements Sources' (3) section, which can be accessed when configuring your assignments under the 'Manage Assignments' view. (2)
  • An improved visibility of free service plans in the 'Add Service Plans' dialog box, with new "Always Free" and "Free Tier" labels identifying plans with no consumption charges. (4)
  • We have also embedded service-related links like Documentation links, support info links, and SAP Discovery Center links, accessible from both Entitlements pages and Entity Assignments page.

We've also introduced an 'Entitlement Source' filter in both pages for listing plans according to their entitlement source. In both 'Entitlements' pages, the 'Search' field has moved up to the top of the page, now allowing searches for more than one term and offering suggestions as you type. Enhancing your search experience for specific entitlements or services further, we've included a new 'Plan Display Name' column in both 'Entitlements' pages, which will remain hidden unless you choose to display it.

Please make a note that this commercial information is not available for trial accounts. For further information refer to the guides on to Managing Entitlements and Quotas Using the CockpitConfigure Entitlements and Quotas for Directories [Feature Set B], and Configure Entitlements and Quotas for Subaccounts.