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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
As you all know, we are approaching this week’s SAP TechEd 2021 with lots of exciting ABAP and non-ABAP content. If you have not fully built your personal ABAP agenda yet, feel free to get some inspirations from carine.tchoutouodjomo's overview blog post.

But before TechEd kicks off, let me quickly share this overview of latest features as part of ABAP environment release 2111 which is available since this weekend.

As always, please refer to our official release notes page for all details.

RAP Generator

Functionality of the RAP Generator is now supported by the ABAP Development Tools (ADT) in Eclipse via the Generate Repository Objects wizard. It means that you can use Eclipse and a wizard-based approach to leverage capabilities of the already known RAP Generator to e.g. generate the whole stack of a RAP application based on a database table. You can find more information here.

Security Audit Log

We have released a new SAP Fiori app called “Display Security Audit Log” as part of the SAP Fiori Launchpad of the ABAP environment system. This app makes information about security-relevant events that occur in the system transparent, which supports you in case of audits.

Additional Sizing and Monitoring Features

The new app “Perform System Sizing” in the SAP Fiori Launchpad can now be used to create sizing estimations for ABAP systems based on the required total memory, work process time, and CPU time of a custom application which is operated in the ABAP environment. Furthermore, the Technical Monitoring Cockpit now displays more details for ABAP statistics records such as memory consumption, SQL statement information and historical SAP HANA disk space consumption.

ABAP Development Tools

  • Support for displaying unreleased transports that contain certain development objects

  • Support for formatting Knowledge Transfer Documents using Markdown syntax

  • Support for selection of a folder logic including naming conventions for packages when linking new git repositories with abagGit

  • Support for displaying ATC check parameters in JSON format and enhanced possibilities to display element info for ATC checks in the Check Details window (details)

  • Support for showing expose errors in RAP services as part of ATC checks (details)

  • Support for an OData V4 API for maintenance of ATC configurations on business objects SATC_CI_CF_RT_E, SATC_CI_CF_E, and SATC_CI_CF_P_V (details)

  • Support for two new development business catalogs that allow usage of Data Preview in ADT for objects that contain business data or customizing and cross-client data

  • Support for predefinition of whether arrays of CDS annotations are inserted in a structured way across several lines or in one line

ABAP Language

  • Support for a new API-based framework to create test doubles for function module dependencies in code under test

ABAP RESTful Application Programming Model

  • Support for enablement of custom tables, structures and CDS views for field or element extensibility

  • Support for client-independent tables as data sources for draft-enabled, managed transactional apps (details)

  • Support for multiple message targets in OData V4 services (details)

  • Support for semantic versioning of OData V4 services in the service binding editor

  • Support for hiding input parameter fields from being displayed on the UI while leaving them available for WebAPI clients (details)

  • Support for Read Access Logging for RAP services to monitor database read accesses

  • Support for late numbering for the managed implementation type (details)

  • Support for instance factory actions in order to model actions that create new instances based on an input instance (details)

Continuous Integration & Delivery

  • Support for a new ABAP Unit REST service which can be used to trigger ABAP Unit test runs via a pipeline as part of Project Piper

  • Enhancements to the Manage Software Components App including an improved page for creation of new software components, a view on available deltas in branches and the new Repository Role attribute for software components (details for branches here)

Integration & Security

  • Support for the option to integrate Forms by Adobe for the rendering of print forms (details)

  • Support for the SAP BTP translation service for machine-based translation of projects created via the Maintain Translations app (details here & here)

  • Support for adding ABAP environment as content provider in the SAP Launchpad service

Reuse Services

  • Availability of the new Application Job Templates app that allows creation of own multi-step application job templates which can be submitted via the existing Application Jobs app (details)

  • Support for a self-restart function for application jobs that are endangered to be canceled during lifecycle events (details)

  • Support for the new text source Text Pools in the Maintain Translations app (details)

  • Enhancements to the XCO library such as new possibilities to read out AMDP attributes of method implementations and content of XSLT objects via the XCO class Read APIs, enhanced capabilities of PATCH operations for classes and function groups and more (please see release notes)

Take care and enjoy this year’s SAP TechEd!