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Starting from 4.2 SP05, additional security rights have been introduced for the individual scheduling destinations. This is done to empower SAP Business Objects Administrators to better control which destinations they want to enable for end users to consume.

New Rights are introduced under General Rights for each destination:

  • Schedule to File System

  • Schedule to FTP

  • Schedule to Inbox

  • Schedule to SFTP

  • Schedule to SMTP












Before 4.2 SP05

Prior to 4.2 SP05 release, when a user has “Schedule to Destinations” right, they could schedule to all available destinations.

So, if a user has a right:


And they go to BIL and select any Report for scheduling, under Destinations all scheduling destination will be visible. User can select any destination.



With 4.2 SP05

Additional rights have been introduced at each destination level. So, a user with only “schedule to destinations ” right


Will be able to schedule document to only “Default Enterprise location”



If an administrator wants to make any other destinations available for scheduling, they need to provide rights for each such destination. Let say an admin wants to enable Email and BI Inbox as destination option, additional appropriate rights should be enabled. See below:


With these rights, if a user tries to schedule a document, they should see Inbox and SMTP as well.



Please Note: Currently there seems to be a bug in this feature for a patch scenario. Will update once we have more details.

Note: In case of patch update to 4.2 SP05, users having “Schedule to destinations” rights before the upgrade will have all destination rights enabled by default. If administrators want to restrict the destination, they need to explicitly go and set individual destination rights.
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Are those application or folder rights?
You will find these rights on Folders.
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Thanks Vishal. We upgraded from SP4 to SP6 couple of weeks back after which users complained they are not able to schedule reports via email. This article helped.
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Hello, I upgraded our system to 4.2 SP6.

However I continue to have the problem described above. All that he needs is to be able to schedule sorme reports he has access to, to his own inbox. However, after having given him the rights schedule to destination, I gave him the right owner version of scheduling to his inbox. But no matter what I do he continues to see only the default destination and it is not the inbox. Did the patch for this ever make it to production or is it still pending?