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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
SAP and DXC aim to deliver RISE with SAP S/4HANA Cloud, private edition, customer data center option as a turn-key service delivered by DXC.  The new service is ideally suited for Private Cloud customers and other managed services customers who wish to run SAP either from their own data center or a DXC managed data center and get the transformational benefits of RISE with SAP.

In this blog, DXC reaffirms its commitment as a Partner Managed Cloud (PMC) service provider of RISE with SAP by expanding its distinct deployment capabilities already announced with DXC Hyperscaler solutions to support the customer data center option.

This partnership empowers DXC and SAP to offer a comprehensive catalog of managed services and extraordinary opportunities that surpass what each entity could achieve independently, benefiting our mutual customers.

RISE with SAP S/4HANA Cloud, private edition, customer data center option or “CDC” represents the hybridization of SAP’s strategic RISE cloud solution, where a customer can run S/4HANA as a cloud service from their data center; while accessing SAP BTP and SAP Signavio, and all the other innovative RISE components from the public cloud – aka a mixture of internal and external cloud services.  For more information about CDC, please visit this dedicated web page:  Customer data center option | RISE with SAP

Similar to SAP’s cloud solutions, CDC provides diverse deployment options on Lenovo, HPE and Dell infrastructure.  DXC enhances this offering further by enabling delivery of SAP and non-SAP Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and software as a service (SaaS), all backed by a top service level agreement.

With DXC, SAP’s strategic RISE Cloud offering deployable in Customer Data Centers, is specifically designed to:

  1. Enhance RISE with SAP by harnessing DXC’s expertise in delivering SAP and non-SAP managed services and enabling mutual customers to become more agile and alleviate the challenges often associated with digital transformation projects. This is achieved through best-of-breed solutions and a wealth of experience and skills.

  2. Establish a secure infrastructure and platform for SAP within the customer data centers, backed, managed, designed to perform by SAP and DXC.

  3. Empower customers who want to run in their data center (on-premise) while staying aligned with SAP’s cloud innovation agenda, including ML/AI (Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence), LLMS (large language models), etc.

  4. Meet the needs of industries with strict regulatory compliance requirements that may prevent running SAP in a public shared Hyperscaler such as utilities, public sector, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, aerospace & defense, etc.

  5. Provide extended services to address specific data sovereignty needs of customers, governments, and industry stakeholders by keeping sensitive data within their national boundaries, governed by local laws.

  6. Offer an innovative approach for those seeking a cloud OpEx model while benefiting from a high-performance dedicated onPrem system with minimal latency.

  7. Benefit from a dedicated on-premise setup, without the data center environment having to be managed by the customer.

To learn more about the DXC & SAP cloud solutions and the DXC Premier Services for RISE with SAP, please visit the following link: DXC Premier Services for RISE with SAP

All thoughts and questions are welcome, please share your comments below to contribute to this discussion.

Joseph Zarb
Head of RISE with SAP – Customer Data Center
SAP RISE Global GTM Execution
10 Hudson Yards, 51st Floor, New York NY 10001 USA
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Will the customer be allowed to bring in their existing data center assets when they get enrolled into the RISE construct as part of the RISE, data center edition offering? Assuming customer already have a footprint on S4 and have existing large servers purchased and contracted for 3-5 years , it would be beneficial to convert existing ones into RISE unlike the cloud setups where a new subscription/account here. The same question applies in case of RISE exit, will customer be able to retain hardware and run this under non-RISE construct if customer eventually decides to run it in traditional non-RISE setup ?
Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Good questions.  On the first topic, use of customer owned assets for CDC.  In general the rule is "No", the landscape MUST be replaced and provided by SAP with our key suppliers Lenovo, HPE, and Dell.  The landscape must conform to SAP's architecture, security framework, and SLA performance and availability demands.  There are some exceptions such as RACKS, however the "keys" to those racks must be in the possession of SAP and our suppliers exclusively.  The caveat here is that Lenovo, HPE, and Dell offer "asset buy-back" options based predominately on the verifiable residual book value, the customer can surrender their existing SAP landscape, receive a credit, and the credit will be applied to their new landscape purchase.  This program is at the discretion of the individual IaaS provider (Lenovo, HPE, and Dell).

In the case of a "RISE Exit", the SAP SW Licenses will be delivered as an annual subscription service as part of RISE.  Each customer should work with their SAP IAE to understand the terms and conditions of how/if they may convert a subscription license to a perpetual (on-premises) license.  Regarding the HW, assuming the equipment has been in place for the full length of the RISE cloud contract (eg. five years), and the customer wishes to continue using that HW, under a separate agreement, the customer may engage Lenovo, HPE, or Dell to discuss their options to buy the infrastructure.

Hope this helps.  After three years in market, we've learned how to address most customer care-abouts, wants, and needs.
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Thanks Joseph, this helps..