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We’re excited to start 2021 by announcing the new partnership between SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and Datarade. This partnership marks the beginning of our companies’ collaboration to put external data to work: IDC predicts that in 2021, 75 percent of enterprises will use new, external data sources to make outside-in decisions. By working together, SAP and Datarade will make finding these external data sources easy. Through our partnership SAP’s global customer base will have access to external data sources from Datarade’s network of growing commercial data providers worldwide.


“We are happy to kick off our partnership with such a powerful thought leader on this crucial topic. The SAP Data Warehouse Cloud team is looking forward to unveiling exciting joint projects to empower organizations to put external data to work. SAP Data Warehouse Cloud’s partnership with Datarade is a significant step in our efforts to facilitate a holistic data platform which enables users to unlock the external data world for confident, outside-in decisions.”

- Oliver Huth, Innovation Lead, Data Warehousing, SAP


When the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and Datarade teams met in Berlin for the first time, Datarade’s co-founder and CEO, Thani Shamsi, explained how important external data is for both large enterprises and small businesses with a personal anecdote.      His father, running an organic bakery with weekly outdoor markets, would always check the local weather forecast to anticipate customer volume, and then adjust production plans to minimize waste and to optimize customer satisfaction by avoiding stock shortages.

This harmonization of external data with internal is SAP Data Warehouse Cloud’s exact focus as an enterprise-grade data warehouse solution. The platform's data management tools and its natural connectivity to SAP systems enable enterprises to get the most out of both proprietary data and data from commercial vendors. 90 percent of data buyers strongly agree that integration of external data and software influence each other’s purchase and deployment selection (IDC Survey Spotlight).  SAP SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is designed to give users the tools to apply and derive value from their data, which is best achieved with the right data vendor: a provider whose data assets match users’ internal ones and their consumption platform. By adding Datarade to the SAP ecosystem, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud will be able to consistently recommend the right candidate for the use case at hand from over 2,500 data providers.

Datarade’s unique Data Commerce Platform is trusted by commercial data providers spanning 350+ data categories to reach data buyers across the globe at ease. Integrating with SAP Data Warehouse Cloud means Datarade’s provider partners will be able to tap into fresh demand and reach new clients, and that data buyers will be able to use SAP’s software to get instant insights from the external data they purchase.


     “The past year has demonstrated how crucial it is for companies to leverage accurate, external data in order to make future-proof strategies. Cloud data warehouses are natural “meeting points” to bridge the gap between internal and external data so that companies can optimize their decision-making. Datarade’s partnership with SAP Data Warehouse Cloud will empower SAP customers to find the right external data for their use case, effortlessly. In turn, Datarade’s data provider network benefits by being able to tap into SAP’s global customer base and showcase their data offering. We’re excited to join forces with SAP to deliver unparalleled business value to our companies’ users.”

-  Thani Shamsi, Co-Founder & CEO, Datarade


By working together, our companies are realizing our joint vision: to democratize access to external data and to empower our customers to put it to use. We’re looking forward to the next steps in the SAP-Datarade partnership and the value they’ll bring to the data community.

Learn more about SAP Data Warehouse Cloud’s solutions and how to list your data on Datarade’s marketplace.