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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

SAP Partner Innovation Lab and SAP HANA Academy have published a series of video tutorials on the topic of SAP Analytics Cloud security.

In this blog post you will find the videos embedded with references and additional information.

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Hands-On Video Tutorials


The default authentication method for SAP Analytics Cloud is provided by a dedicated SAP Cloud Identity tenant. To enable single sign-on, you can configure a SAML-compliant (they all are) identity provider (IdP).

In this tutorial, we show how to configure SAP Analytics Cloud for Microsoft Azure AD.

What You Learn

You can watch the video tutorial in about 10 minutes. What you learn is

  • How to configure SAML SSO for SAP Analytics Cloud

  • How to configure Microsoft Azure AD as identity provider for SAP Analytics Cloud

  • How to revert the configuration using the Identity Provider tool


For this activity you need

  • System owner access to an SAP Analytics Cloud tenant

  • Administration privileges on a Microsoft Azure AD tenant

To change the authentication method of SAP Analytics Cloud, go to System > Administration > Security (as system owner).

The SAML SSO configuration screen for an SAP Analytics Cloud Azure AD enterprise application.

Your SAP Analytics Cloud tenant as Microsoft enterprise app accessible from

SAP Analytics Cloud

SAML SSO with Microsoft Azure AD

In this video tutorial we show how you can configure Microsoft Azure AD as identity provider for SAP Analytics Cloud SSO (SAML).

0:00 - Introduction

0:30 - SAP Cloud Identity

1:15 - Configure SAML SSO

3:15 - Azure AD create enterprise application

5:00 - Configure SSO

7:00 - Verify mapping

8:50 - Identity Provider Administration tool


SAP HANA Academy YouTube Playlist

To view other SAP Analytics Cloud security videos, see the dedicated YouTube playlist

SAP Analytics Cloud Documentation

For the generic documentation, not specific to any specific identity provider, see

Here you find information about the optional parts, not covered in the video, and also how to configure group mappings.

For the Identity Provider Administration tool, see

Microsoft Documentation

How to configure SAP Analytics Cloud as an Azure AD enterprise application is documented as tutorial. Links to this tutorial are included in the user interface when creating the enterprise application and when configuring SSO with SAML (as the configuration guide).

SAP Community

How to configure SAP Analytics Cloud SAML SSO for Azure AD is covered in the following SAP Community blog posts. Note that there are some minor user interface changes.

Project Orca

For those that wondered about the origins of the * URL reference in the Azure AD user interface, project Orca was the internal code name used when SAP Cloud for Planning was being developed in 2015.

For a short history about the genesis of SAP Analytics Cloud, see

The orca shows up in some of the design work.

Project Orca

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Questions? Please post as comment.

Useful? Give us a like and share on social media.


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