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Succeeding in today’s world requires constant adaptation. Businesses not only need to be ready for change, but must also change the way work gets done, requiring a redesign of business plans and processes. This requires new thinking and technologies that unlock new ways of doing business.

RISE with SAP: Your Business Transformation

RISE with SAP is a new offering from SAP that brings together everything customers need to transform their business in one complete package. It offers customers a new way to redesign current processes enabling better business outcomes, at any stage of digital transformation, regardless of their starting point or complexity.

RISE with SAP - Business Transformation as a Service

Together with a strong partner ecosystem, RISE with SAP will help guide companies through their business transformation by:

Redesigning Business Processes

SAP Business Process Intelligence is built on SAP’s business modeling and process expertise gained from working with over 400,000 customers across 25 industries. Customers can benchmark their business processes, comparing them against industry standards and easily adapt them to business requirements. Intelligence can also be embedded into business processes by utilizing artificial intelligence services, such as AI Business Services and robotic process automation (RPA).

Enabling Technical Migration

SAP provides tools and services to support the entire technical migration process, ensuring fast time to value, including automated services to move to modular and standard solutions for faster consumption of innovation, and support from technical architects to ensure a smooth transition to the cloud. Customers can choose to run cloud infrastructure in an SAP data center or with a hyperscaler of their choice.

Building the Intelligent Enterprise

SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) provides the foundation for a holistic business transformation. It provides one layer across an enterprise to help keep the core clean and allow for easier consumption. With the Business Technology Platform, it is easy to complement, extend, and integrate with SAP, partners, and third-party solutions. It also provides access to more than 2200 APIs, ensuring integration capabilities to on-premise, cloud, and non-SAP systems.

RISE with SAP includes consumption credits for the SAP Business Technology Platform, allowing Customers can choose how to spend cloud credits, monitor real-time service usage, and only get charged for what is used.


SAP AI Business Services are part of RISE with SAP

As SAP AI Business Services are a part of SAP BTP, every customer can start to automate business processes utilizing machine learning capabilities by using the RISE with SAP provided cloud credits for SAP AI Business Services.

What are SAP AI Business Services?

SAP AI Business Services provide strategic machine learning capabilities that help you automate and optimize business processes while enriching the customer experience. The services available are listed below, and you can also click on each service to learn more:

Business Entity Recognition: Business Entity Recognition helps you to detect and highlight any given type of named entity in unstructured text and classify it in accordance with predefined categories. You can use the service, for example, to automatically extract the context from incoming emails with invoice inquiries, automating recurring tasks associated with answering queries about the status and payment of invoices.

Document Information Extraction: Document Information Extraction helps you to process large amounts of business documents that have content in headers and tables. Document Information Extraction can extract information from unstructured documents, such as invoices, and enrich it with existing master data. You can then use the extracted information, for example, to automatically process payables and invoices.

Document Classification: Document Classification helps you to apply machine learning to classify incoming documents based on customer specific criteria. With customized classification models, you can use the service in a wide range of business scenarios, such as enterprise mail inbox processing, contract management, and invoice processing, and adapt it to your special requirements.

Data Attribute Recommendation: Data Attribute Recommendation helps you to classify entities such as products, stores, and users into multiple classes, using free text, numbers, and categories as input. Data Attribute Recommendation can be used, for example, to enrich missing attributes of a data record and classify incoming product information.

Invoice Object Recommendation: Invoice Object Recommendation helps you to assign G/L (general ledger) accounts, cost objects and profitability analysis (CO-PA) dimension values to incoming invoices without a purchase order reference.

Service Ticket Intelligence: Service Ticket Intelligence helps you to build a self-driven customer service powered by machine learning. The service classifies incoming service requests automatically and sends the tickets to the right agent. The agent is then provided with recommended solutions to improve operational efficiency.

Benefits of SAP AI Business Services

  • Innovation Support: Reinvent existing business processes with new technologies.

  • Generic Usability: Solve concrete business problems in various business scenarios with straightforward processes.

  • Powerful Integration: Integrate AI capabilities with both SAP and third-party solutions.

  • Expertise: Take advantage of solutions based on best practices supported by SAP and our customers.

Pricing for AI Business Services

Each SAP AI Business Service has a specific pricing model. Depending on the service, the number of inference calls and/or deployed models are used to calculate cost.

Since each service has its own pricing model, please use the estimator tool provided by SAP BTP for up-to-date pricing and cost estimates.


SAP AI Business Services are available as a subscription via SAP Store, via Pay-as-you-go and via the Cloud Platform Enterprise Agreement (CPEA).


What's Next?

Together with RISE with SAP, SAP AI Business Services can help you transform your business into the intelligent enterprise.

To learn more about RISE with SAP, check out the product page here. For more information on SAP AI Business Services, check out the links below at the bottom of this blog post, and subscribe to the SAP AI Business Services tag. Feel free to ask any questions in the comment section below this post.


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