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SAP Advanced Financial Closing (SAP AFC) is a solution offered by SAP to streamline and optimize financial closing processes for organizations. It provides a comprehensive suite of tools and functionalities to automate and accelerate tasks involved in the financial close process, such as reconciliations, journal entries, and financial reporting.

SAP AFC helps improve the efficiency and accuracy of financial closing activities by integrating data from various sources, standardizing processes, and providing real-time visibility into financial close status. This allows finance teams to reduce manual efforts, minimize errors, and meet regulatory requirements more effectively. Overall, SAP AFC aims to enhance the financial close process, enabling organizations to close their books faster and with greater confidence.

What are we discussing here?

Setting up security in SAP Advanced Financial Closing (SAP AFC) i.e.

  • Roles & users creation.
  • Granting access to users.


  • BTP Onboarding.
  • User has access to BTP cockpit.

Security Activities:

Following activities/steps are carried out while setting up security in SAP Advanced Financial Closing:

Step 1: Create custom role collection

Login to BTP cockpit and based on the business requirement, create custom role collections in SAP BTP for SAP AFC.




Step 2: Create user and assign custom role collection

Create users in SAP BTP for SAP AFC


Assign custom role collection to get access to tiles in SAP AFC


Step 3: Create user in SAP AFC

Create users in SAP AFC to segregate access based on Task List Creation and Task Processing.

Navigate to Manage Users tile, download the template, maintain the data and upload the file to create users into AFC




Note: File should be in .csv format

Step 4: Create user group in SAP AFC

Navigate to Configuration tile -> User Groups -> Create



Note: User group can be created via upload as well.

Step 5: Create user group in SAP AFC

Navigate to Configuration tile -> User Groups -> User-to-Group Assignment. Download the template, maintain the data and upload the template to map users to user group


Step 6: Define scoped user role

Navigate to Configuration tile -> User Roles. Create scoped roles i.e. Task to be performed (Task List Creation or Task Processing)


Select restrictions based on requirement i.e. Restricted or Unrestricted Access


Note: Restricted access won't allow user to create task but gives only display access. Also, make sure authorizations i.e. Create, Read etc. access is assigned based on the requirement.

Step 7: Manage User Role Assignments

Navigate to Manage User Role Assignments tile, select the created scoped role, click Add to assign the scoped role.


After performing above mentioned steps, user will get access to execute activities in SAP AFC.



Hope this article gave an insight about the activities carried out setting up security in SAP Advanced Financial Closing (SAP AFC).

List of Important Notes:

2873915 - FAQ SAP Advanced Financial Closing

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