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We saw in a previous blog post how organizations are facing a new situation, struggling in maintaining productivity and process efficiency. We explained generally how Robotic Process Automation helps remote workers balancing the needs of the job and the family at home, as well as managing difficult tasks without the direct help and expertise of co-workers and supervisors. Let’s see how it works for real together with SAP S/4HANA.

How Intelligent Technologies help an operational purchaser


Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of Sam Johnson, an Operational Purchaser.

By combining intelligent technologies like RPA and AI the purchasing process of the company can be improved to simplify Sam’s life:

Now, let us meet Sam in the following video and see how he is daily co-working with RPA and other Intelligent Technologies of course even when working from home.


What other use cases in Finance, Procurement etc?


RPA simplifies the day to day life of your employees in any area, even more when they work in a distributed environment. You can explore more use cases, with examples of various personas involved in core business processes:


What does SAP offer to realize those use cases quickly?


The quickest way to get use cases like shown before up and running, is to just use one of our 50+ pre-built bots. They are available for free download from the SAP Intelligent RPA Store.

These bots can be setup and tested 3 months for free as part of our free trial to start your RPA journey.

And as special offer for all our customers who start their transformation towards an Intelligent Cloud ERP: Every new SAP S/4HANA Cloud customer will get 1000 transactions of SAP Intelligent RPA for free.

And last but not least: if you are a customer with a SAP Cloud Platform Enterprise Agreement in place, SAP Intelligent RPA is already included.

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