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Product and Topic Expert

Your business transformation is something you might be right in the middle of, just getting to grips with, or maybe somewhere on your radar to tackle in the near future. But how exactly can you tackle it? Where do you even begin?

Back in 2021, SAP proudly shared that “SAP Cloud ALM is the target ALM for RISE with SAP”, and that’s exactly what has become reality today. Now hardly a day goes by without hearing about RISE with SAP or Clean Core – these gamechangers are catapulting businesses forward, transforming and transitioning companies into successful, agile, highly efficient operations that will prove crucial for succeeding in today's and tomorrow's world.

RISE with SAP brings together exactly what you need to transform your business in the way that works best for you, helping you stay on the cutting edge of innovation and consume SAP’s latest advancements faster. As you set out on your RISE with SAP journey, starting from the all-important Clean Core initiative (read on for more details), you’ll quickly realize how crucial ALM is for taking your business to a whole new level. At its very heart lies SAP Cloud ALM, included in every RISE with SAP contract at no additional cost. At the upcoming SAP ALM Summit EMEA 2024 in Mannheim, Germany (Sep 24-27), you’ll hear all about the benefits, new features, and amazing scope of SAP Cloud ALM, but read on for an overview to help get you started.



Why Do I Need ALM for RISE with SAP?

In its most simple form, ALM will help you reduce three things: time to value, business disruptions, and cost of ownership. It sounds simple enough, but let’s dig a bit deeper.


  • Immediate system availability and easy onboarding for project teams means you can really speed up your go-live and get started as soon as possible.
  • A host of Best Practices means you get a great head start, agile project management helps break up your projects into less cumbersome chunks, greatly improving your flexibility and efficiency.
  • The built-in transparency on offer means your decision-making will be greatly improved, allowing you to reach ROI earlier and gain competitive advantage.


  • We all know the quotes by now: the average cost of just 1 minute of downtime is over 24,000 US$. Safeguard your business by improving solution quality through integrated test management…
  • …or by avoiding problems pro-actively by predicting anomalies in your business processes
  • …or by detecting disruptions early through continuous monitoring and alerting.
  • And if problems still occur, our root cause analyses will help speed up their resolution.


  • Reducing cost of operation and implementation for your SAP solution means you have more budget to spend on value-generating projects.
  • No additional license, no additional hardware, no additional infrastructure means you save even further.
  • Maintenance and technical operation is taken care of by SAP.
  • No more 3rd-party licenses needed. Put simply, everything becomes much simpler.


Helping You Achieve a Clean Core

Apart from any financial incentives, the reasons and value you gain from striving towards a clean core are multifold. Nevertheless, if you’re not yet fully aware of what we mean by “clean core”, don’t panic just yet. Fundamentally, a clean core is a system that is up-to-date and transparent, as close to standard as possible, consistent, efficient and cloud compliant. The good news is we can help you achieve this, by focusing on five main aspects outlined below, the “dimensions” as we like to call them. When done successfully, you will then be able to adapt your system to cater for changing business requirements, allowing you to adopt new capabilities whilst ensuring strong governance throughout every step of the journey.

SAP Cloud ALM helps manage your clean core projects along SAP Activate and the 5 dimensions shownSAP Cloud ALM helps manage your clean core projects along SAP Activate and the 5 dimensions shown


A clean business process is based on standard solutions as much as possible, utilizing SAP Reference Solution Architecture and SAP Best Practices where available. Example: the RISE with SAP Activate Roadmap within SAP Cloud ALM embodies the ideal pathway to establish a clean core using a fit to standard approach, while Quality Gate checklists help keep your core clean.


Clean extensions means establishing strong governance – in fact, avoiding extensions whenever possible. In cases where they are still a necessity, decoupling them from the standard will help safeguard your clean core.


Keep your data clean by controlling its volume, consistency, and overall quality in accordance with the very latest standards, eliminating outdated, unused or redundant information. Example: the SAP Readiness Check running on SAP Cloud ALM can help you manage and remediate Simplification Items.


By using standard modern APIs such as OData and SOAP and avoiding traditional RFC and IDoc APIs, you’ll be able to maintain a far more reliable integration landscape. Example: the SAP Integration Suite can help you extend your solutions flexibly.


Finally, keep your operations effective and efficient at all times. Target the latest SAP release as part of your overall release management, and use best practice housekeeping activities. Example: Business Process Monitoring includes automatic checks to see what is running properly and what is not running as planned.


Inspiring sessions and networking opportunities are on the horizon! Don’t hesitate, sign up today to join us and other top experts at the SAP ALM Summit EMEA 2024 this September in Mannheim. Feel free to share this within your community network and get involved. Thanks for reading!

Quality Gates and the SAP Activate Roadmap in SAP Cloud ALM help keep your clean core on trackQuality Gates and the SAP Activate Roadmap in SAP Cloud ALM help keep your clean core on track