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In today’s digital economy, businesses are constantly seeking novel strategies to elevate their SAP applications and maintain a competitive edge. Among the technologies driving this evolution, generative artificial intelligence (AI) stands out as a pioneering force. The SAP CX AI Toolkit is at the forefront of this transformation, The toolkit is built on fine-tuned large language models (LLMs) which automates labour-intensive tasks, streamlining operations and enabling businesses to efficiently manage their commerce processes.

Here is a quick inside in the profound impact of generative AI on SAP CX commerce, delving into its transformative potential and its role in shaping the future of commerce.

Transformative Use Cases of Generative AI in SAP Commerce

Visual Search: Revolutionizing Product Discovery

Commerce Visual Search is changing how customers discover products by offering a streamlined and intuitive search experience powered by AI image detection. Customers can simply upload an image or take a photo of a desired item, and the AI swiftly analyzes visual cues to deliver precise search results. This innovation makes product discovery effortless and efficient, enhancing customer satisfaction and driving engagement.



Industry-Specific Benefits of AI-Powered Visual Search:

  • Fashion and Apparel: Customers can upload images of apparel to receive personalized outfit recommendations tailored to their needs, even if they are unsure of the style or pattern.
  • Home Decor and Furniture: AI-powered visual search enables customers to find furniture and decor items similar to those seen in magazines or on social media, turning inspiration into reality.
  • Electronics and Gadgets: Identifying specific gadgets or accessories becomes easy as customers can upload images to find exact matches without lengthy searches.
  • Automotive and Parts: Visual search simplifies finding and purchasing automotive parts by allowing customers to upload images of parts they need to replace.

Product Tagging: Enhancing Merchandising

AI can automatically generate and enrich product tags from text or images, significantly boosting merchandising efforts. This feature improves product search capabilities and enables personalized customer interactions by providing detailed and accurate product attributes.

Auto-Generated Product Descriptions: Efficiency and Consistency

AI-driven auto-generated product descriptions exemplify the transformative potential of AI in commerce. By automating product description creation, businesses can enhance efficiency, maintain consistency, and improve customer satisfaction. This automation supports growth and competitive advantage in the digital marketplace.

Commerce AI Tools: Tailored Content Creation

Empower businesses to use role-specific prompts and customer experience (CX) data to generate high-quality content. By analyzing CX data, AI crafts tailored blog posts, social media content, and engaging product banner text, ensuring all communications are relevant, personalized, and strategically aligned with marketing goals.


The benefits of AI-powered commerce applications are vast, spanning various industries and customer touchpoints. By harnessing AI capabilities, businesses can unlock new growth opportunities, enhance operational efficiency, and build lasting customer relationships. As we embrace the transformative potential of AI in commerce, it is clear that the future holds endless possibilities for innovation and advancement. With AI at the forefront, businesses can thrive in the evolving digital landscape, delivering exceptional experiences that exceed customer expectations and drive sustainable success.


Learn more about the SAP CX Toolkit here.