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Customers building apps for their SAP systems have many resources available to answer their questions. Sometimes, the amount of information can be overwhelming when you consider the official help documentation, SAP community blogs, wikis, and third-party content. Decoding error messages can occasionally lead to conflicting advice, which has even caused customers to open incidents seeking guidance rather than reporting issues with the software. The Guided Answers extension provides an integrated troubleshooting tool to make development easier in SAP Business Application Studio (SBAS) and Microsoft Visual Studio Code (VS Code). This blog post will detail how the Guided Answers extension by SAP can help solve this challenge. It details what the Guided Answers extension is, its benefits and how you can avail of it.  

SAP’s Guided Answers is a recommended SAP support solution. It is a web application that provides interactive documentation to help troubleshoot issues, navigate processes, and guide users through tasks via a series of questions. SAP experts document the exact steps for analyzing issues and make that available to the customers. We recommended it to customers, so they get the most from support. Customers can look for solutions themselves instead of opening a support incident.  

Guided Answers web application

SAP’s Guided Answers tool is an extremely beneficial tool. We took it one step further and created the Guided Answers extension by SAP. It enhances the support process for developers that use SAP Business Application Studio (SBAS) and Microsoft Visual Studio Code (VSCode).  

The Guided Answers extension by SAP renders content of already existing Guided Answers directly in an Integrated Developer Environment (IDE) such as SBAS and VSCode, making the content interactive and context-aware within the IDE.  Developers do not need to navigate back and forth between separate supporting materials and their IDE when they come across an issue. This extension improves and speeds up the support process for SAP tools and increases user satisfaction as it can also be integrated into other extensions. 

Guided Answers extension by SAP in SAP Business Application Studio

The Guided Answers extension is provided by default when you create a development space in SAP Business Application Studio. If you work with Visual Studio Code it is also available when you download the SAP Fiori Tools extension pack from the Visual Studio Code Marketplace, and it can also be downloaded standalone. It can be opened via the command palette using the command SAP: Open Guided Answers. 

The Guided Answers extension is context aware, when opened in a SBAS Fiori dev space, it shows the guided answers content relevant to SAP Fiori development space. 

Context Aware - Guided Answers extension filtering content based on SBAS Fiori Dev Space

Guided answer content in the Guided Answers extension is interactive and can execute specific tool commands or terminal commands like curl making it even faster to resolve issues. Commands can be run directly via the Guided Answers extension.  

Interactive - Guided Answers extension enhances content with executable commands

End users can provide feedback about the content which enables users to improve SAP’s support documentation as they use it. If the solution doesn’t contain the error that you are seeing then the guided answer content creator can be informed and can then update the content accordingly.

Feedback - Guided Answers extension allows user to provide feedback on the support content

Guided answer content can be shared with colleagues. The exact solution to an issue can be shared with colleagues so they too can open the solution directly in their IDE. 

Sharable content - Guided Answers extension enables user to share content

Fiori Tools have also integrated with the Guided Answers extension to provide solutions to issues as they occur when end users are using the tools. We hope that other SAP extensions available in SBAS and VSCode will also integrate with the Guided Answer extension in the near future 

The Guided Answers extension by SAP is an open source project so you can contribute by providing feedback or adding feature requests that will help improve the Guided Answer extension.  

Do you want to resolve your issues and support questions faster? Do you want to see issue resolution when and where an issue arises? Do you develop in SAP Business Application Studio and/or VSCode? Then the Guided Answer extension by SAP is for you. Start resolving your issues faster.  

Caroline Welsh, on behalf of the Cloud ERP UX Engineering team responsible for SAP Fiori Tools.  
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