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Hi! My name is Piotr Kopczyński, and I’m part of the Kyma team. In this blog post, I want to inform you about the upcoming change concerning plan specification for SAP BTP, Kyma runtime. 

Region is one of the available input parameters in all the plans’ specifications except for the trial plan. Currently, you can provision your Kyma runtime with or without providing the cluster region. This will change - the region input parameter will be mandatory for provisioning SAP BTP, Kyma runtime from January 6, 2024. 

Reason for change 

When you create a Kyma runtime cluster automatically using the SAP BTP command line interface (btp CLI), you can choose not to specify the region parameter. In such a case, one of the default regions is assigned to your cluster. You can see the default regions for each hyperscaler in the Available Plans in the Kyma Environment document. Also, when you create your Kyma runtime, it is possible to choose the cluster region independently of the subaccount region. For example, your cluster can be created in the `eastus` region even though your subaccount is in the `Azure Europe` region. 


Once providing the cluster region is mandatory, you will have complete control over where your Kyma is provisioned. If you haven’t used the parameter before, choose your cluster region name from the provided drop-down menu in the SAP BTP cockpit or provide it in the SAP BTP CLI. If you are unsure what regions are available, read the Regions for the Kyma Environment document