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Robotic process automation (RPA) is the backbone for automating your business processes. SAP intelligent robotic process automation provides the framework and tools to automate your processes end to end. To know more about SAP Intelligent RPA visit the official page “Intelligent RPA“.

Today, Let's deep dive into one of the most awaited SAP Web GUI Recorder features.

If you have not started with SAP Web GUI Recorder, visit Official Documentation and Blog post, and also watch this video to understand the working of Intelligent RPA Recorder.


The goal of this features is to enable recording of SAP GUI for HTML applications embedded inside S4HANA Iframe or Frame.

Currently, this feature is supported in all SAP GUI for HTML applications embedded inside S4HANA On-premise system. Support for S4HANA cloud system is coming soon.

What is an Iframe?

Iframe is in itself a complete web application but it is embedded or kept inside another web application. In simple words "iframe is a mechanism to display a web application/page within a web application/page".

If a web page contains an iframe, can be validated in one of the following ways

  1. If the web element you are looking for could not be found using the selectors or Xpaths.

  2. Open browser's developer tool (Control+Shift+I or Command+Option+I) and in the Execution Context Selector window, if you see option other than Top that means your page is containing iframe/s [see Image 1].

Image 1 : Iframe Identification

How to use this feature?

The process of using SAP Web GUI recorder or any other SAP Intelligent RPA recorder remains consistent so this feature does not require any custom adaptation.

When an SAP GUI for HTML application is detected at listing of applications, the record option will be available for all such application. The user will have the select the corresponding iframe in order to record the it [see Image 2].

Image2: Iframe Selection

When this feature will be released?

The feature development has been completed and will be available with the 2110 release.


Stay tuned for support of SAP GUI for HTML, embedded inside S4HANA cloud Systems.


Do not forget to have a look at the Learning content in our Store, as it contains many useful examples of use cases.



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