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You installed XSA with MDC and you assigned your application in a organization / space to a logical database. This assignment can be done in XSA Admin in Service Broker Config (l#/serviceBrokerConfig)

Now the identity propagation fails.

The reason is that there is not automatic trust between UAA and HANA MDC. The trust creation will come with HANA 2 SP01 during MDC creation. The installation creates a trust to system DB only.

You can create this trust with the attached bash script yourself. You need to following parameters to do this.

  • system user (of logical database)

  • system password (of logical database)

  • xsa admin user (is optional but if you provide this name this user is enable to logon with SAML / JWT)

  • jdbcURL This URL can be taken from uaa.log. In case you can create trust to a logical database you need the database name

Step 1

Download the files from to your XSA machine.

Step 2

Prepare execute. Configure settings in xsuaa_settings.cfg. Example for HANA with SID : XSA on instance 00 with logical database ABC
XSA_UAA_ENDPOINT="https://`hostname -f`:30032/uaa-security"
# documentation about jdbc url, see
# this is the jdbc url for a multiple instance database with connect to tenant DB ABC
JDBC_HANA_ENDPOINT="jdbc:sap://`hostname -f`:30013/?databaseName=ABC"

Save this to file xsuaa_settings.cfg

Step 3

Execute the shell script Best you execute it on the XSA instance under the <sid>adm user of your XSA installation, however you can also call if from another machines. For xs login you need xs command tool.
 ./ xsuaa_settings.cfg

The script creates the trust and executes the test. Typical successful output is:


In case you can here an error you can check in uaa.log the error reason or in HANA trace you will find the reason.
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Am I correct, that I have to modify the SQL Port accordingly to the Tennants sql port, on which Iam working? Thanks in advance
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Hi Dominik,

if you are on MDC then you always use 30013 but set DB tenant by query, e.g. ABC as tenant db name

”jdbc:sap://`hostname -f`:30013/?databaseName=ABC
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I've modified the .cfg file.

Create oauth token....
...retrieved token
Create Trust via REST call

Response failed with HTTP errror: 000

uaa.log doesn't have errors

Any idea ?