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I love to learn new things.

But sometimes, life is too busy. So…we decided to share our homework with you. That’s right. If you get assigned a new topic at work (or you are just plain curious), usually the research can take a while. It usually goes something like this:

  1. Hey, I should look into <x>.

  2. Search the internet for <X> and go down a rabbit hole.

  3. Learn enough to keep investigating…and start figuring out how this could help you.

  4. Understand what the rest of the market is doing.

  5. Uncover the most common use cases.

  6. Figure out the most critical capabilities for <x>.

  7. Get inspired by what other companies have done with <x>.

  8. Start to map your own priorities and projects against this information.

  9. Present back to your colleagues and boss

Lots of copying and pasting ensues, and the result is a hodge-podge deck that you could spend a few weeks trying to make look good.



Guess what—we have you covered. We are sharing simple PowerPoint decks on hot topics that you can use. The decks don’t include any SAP jargon or SAP product pitches. (Well, there is some follow up information in the appendix in case you get the far.)


The beautiful part is that these decks have been designed so you can apply your own corporate templates and the slides will adjust. We do the homework, and you take the credit. Use your genius and strategy to fill in placeholders in the deck where you map in your own priorities and relevant projects.

Our introductory topics are these:

These are download links of zipped up PPT files. The download doesn't like to start when you click the link, so instead right click on the link and chose "Copy link". When you paste the link into a new tab, it will start the download—not take you to an intermediate page to register or anything. Download, use, and let us know how your own presentations go. Good luck!