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Product and Topic Expert

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Event-driven architecture is already an important architecture paradigm that will become widely adopted in future. Get a holistic overview of event-driven architectures in the SAP ecosystem and
learn how to put events into play to optimize and innovate your business processes. Find out about event sources (like SAP S/4HANA, SAP ERP, and SAP SuccessFactors solutions), event consumers (like SAP Integration Suite, SAP Extension Suite) and the role of the SAP Event Mesh capability as event broker.

The goal of this blog

We realized that time would be too short to answer all your questions in the chat. The idea behind this blog is that you ask your, questions in the comments section below and we will answer them in the coming days. On top, I have been able to capture the questions and answers in the chat during the session and will add and answer them here.

Again, we will answer all questions. Might just take a few days.

Additional Material

Let me add a few links here, inspired by your questions, that might help you to get started and that already answer some of the questions:

Selected blogs:

Questions and Answers

Martin: Do you have a good documentation as to how to add additional events to S/4?

Answer: The question is Cloud or on prem? Currently you cannot add events to S/4HANA Cloud. The events are provided by development and cannot be changed. For on prem, at this point in time you have to use the event-enablement add-on to create your own events. The best approach would be to start a mission in discovery center (see link above and search for Event Mesh to find available missions - there are some for the standard events and some for the add-on). These missions contain all the steps in detail. The add-on is by the way free of charge for both ECC and SAP S/4HANA when used with SAP Event Mesh.

Praveen:  Can we get consume from non-SAP systems as Web hooks?

Answer Javier: Yes, you can push the event using web hooks, this is what we used in the show case Other options are AMQP/MQTT or making a GET OData call to Event Mesh.

Brad: Is BTP replacing classic workflow? 

Answer: No, EDA is a different approach. Main focus of event mesh is REAL TIME. You can combine events and workflow though. You could trigger a workflow based on an event. Was done in last year's BTP in the garage sessions. On top, there is a certain pattern in event-driven architectures that goes into this direction and would allow for a workflow-like approach. This is not our focus, we go for a loose coupling.

Vijay: If we have multiple receiver systems of this event can we control sequential and all changes together at end of the day once for a specific receiver

Answer Javier: You can configure specific queues for each receiver system and each of them are de-coupled from the others

Nithish: Can we use Event Mesh with SAP ECC ?

Answer: Yes. ECC can be event-enabled with the  event enablement add-on.

Konstantinos: Can CPI manage queues and reprocess events at event sequence?

Answer: CPI currently cannot manage queues (create queues, create topic subscriptions) directly. For a full description of the features supported by the AMQP adapter check the following blog:

Kaval: Can we do the message filtering within the queue subscriptions ?

Answer: Filtering is only supported on topic level. Content based filtering is currently unsupported.

Stefan: Can I create custom events for my enhancements?

Answer: Depends on the backend - for S/4 oP and ECC using the add-on. For S/4HANA Cloud the colleagues work on an option, which is at this point in time not available yet. On the extension side, yes, you are free to create your own events.

Abhishek: can events in 3rd party applications be published to SAP backends as a consumer?

Answer: For selected backends yes. Using the event-enablement add-on consuming events with on premise SAP S/4HANA and ECC is possible. The feature set currently is more limited than the one for events exposure, but it is there and will most likely be extended.

Abhishek: Is replicating master data from SAP to 3rd party application a good use case good for Events?

Answer: this is a difficult one to answer. A number of customers do exactly this, so it is possible and it is a use case that you find quite often. I would say it is a good use case if you don't overdo it in respect to the amount of data. Again REAL TIME is the important differentiator from my perspective.

Punit: What about the event source originating from Non-SAP sources in a Hybrid Cloud Environment/Multi Cloud Environment?

Answer: Well, we support open standards. So you can expose events from non-SAP via Event Mesh. The question is how to produce these events on the source side.

Punit: How do we do the load balancing to multi node /multi cluster event mesh instances in a Clustered environment ?

Answer: I am not absolutely sure whether we fully understand your question - is this load balancing in a CF subaccount or across CF subaccounts? Load balancing is typically handled by SAP, we would need additional background for this question though.

Kawal: What is the underlying technology for SAP Event Mesh?

Answer: We're specifically hiding this away since we want to offer an event broker as a service, in an almost serverless way, allowing customers to do eventing without having to worry about these things. In the end it is hardware and software event brokers that do the actual work behind the scenes. If you know who we are partnering with, you should be able to conclude the answer.

Shanmugavel: How do we find out of box events in S/4HANA?

Answer: API Business Hub is the place to check out.

Stefan: What do I do if a dependent-on application is temporarily down and I need to replay the queued events for that application?

Answer: If an event consumer is temporarily down the events are kept in the queue. Once the event consumer is up again, it consumes the events. This is a design decision though. We typically work with queue subscriptions that show this behaviour.

Praveen: How can we harmonise all events within the mesh?

Answer: Difficult to answer. What does all events mean? All SAP events? Event Mesh is the strategic event mesh for SAP, so all LoBs are supposed/planned to send their events via Event Mesh mid term. Then the question would just be how to harmonise custom events that you would potentially create using a different toolset.