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Disruption calls for greater speed in analysing and improving business processes. PwC’s new accelerator aids organizations jump start the analysis of their sales activities and unveil opportunities for improvement to help them rapidly optimize the process.

PwC described it perfectly in a recent report “Chaos. There’s no other word for what most companies—and their leaders—have been through over the past few years.” Starting from the pandemic, a range of new challenges such as an increased demand volatility, changing customer behaviours and more frequent supply chain disruptions, have been requiring companies not only to transform or improve the way they operate, but to do it fast.

As described in my previous blog, to help companies thrive in this complex and dynamic scenario, SAP Signavio together with its partners, have been investing heavily in developing contents and ready-to-use value accelerators that can help organizations transform or improve their processes faster and smarter, while avoiding to start from a blank paper.

What I find important to note is that the initiative speaks directly to our DNA taking a broad, process-centric approach. Together with our partners, we focus on key processes for customers and their challenges, and with this process vision, we develop contents and value accelerators that address not only SAP products but third-party applications as well. The new SAP Signavio Process Intelligence value accelerator for Salesforce by PwC is a great output of this system-agnostic strategy.

In this blog, following a recent meeting I had with PwC’s Matthias Leybold, Analytics and AI Leader at PwC Switzerland and Robert Weller, Head of Value Accelerator Delivery at SAP Signavio, I will sum up my findings around the capabilities of PwC’s new value accelerator as well as the benefits it delivers to our customers.

What the new value accelerator is about

This new value accelerator, developed by PwC Switzerland, is specifically designed for SAP Signavio Process Intelligence process mining solution and it is supporting the Lead-to-Close process in Salesforce.

Matthias Leybold, Analytics and AI Leader at PwC explained during our meeting: “Many companies only have a limited view on their sales pipelines. Common challenges such as inaccurate data, pipeline leakage, stagnation or imbalance, as well as missing visibility and transparency on the process itself are just some of the issues that might go unnoticed and cost companies time and money. This new accelerator will help customers to get a data-driven and fact-based understanding of the current state of their sales process.”

In particular, the accelerator bundles together a standard data model, process KPIs and ready to run dashboards for analysis via SAP Signavio Process Intelligence. “SAP Signavio Process Intelligence uses the readily-available data in the Salesforce system to enable the discovery, mapping, monitoring of the Lead-to-Close process as well as unveil improvement potential”, added Robert Weller.

“This new accelerator by PwC will help companies to kick start this process mining experience and significantly accelerate their time to value.”

The benefits for customers

More specifically, with this new value accelerator organizations will be reducing the time and effort they need to prepare their data for process mining. Using available process KPIs, dashboards, and more, they will save time and be fully equipped to start analyzing and monitoring their data and Lead-to-Close process within days. Ultimately, they will get a better understanding of their process, improvement potential, inefficiencies and root-causes; a newfound level of visibility that will help them optimize their sales process.

According to Matthias Leybold, by adopting the new value accelerator, companies will get better insights into their data and, importantly, accelerate the time to get those insights. This ultimately can help organizations optimize their sales process and obtain business benefits in terms of:

  • Accelerated sales cycles and reduced pipeline leakage

  • Improved win ratios and more focused targeting of their prospective customers

  • More informed, fact-based business decisions in managing their sales pipeline

“SAP Signavio Process Intelligence helps customers get visibility into real process execution. With this new accelerator organizations can jump start the analysis. It gives you the speed to be there.” commented Robert Weller.

The value of collaboration: process-centric value accelerators that serve customer needs

PwC and SAP have a long-standing partnership which has translated into several joint initiatives over years. “This value accelerator incorporates SAP Signavio’s knowledge in the process mining tooling and technology and PwC Switzerland’s expertise in delivering process mining services, combining the best of both worlds and optimally support our customers.” added Matthias Leybold.

“We are extremely happy of the collaboration with the team of PwC Switzerland. Together with our partners we have been developing value accelerators that are process-centric and can span SAP and third-party solutions. We focus on processes, understand the IT landscape of our customers and work to always serve them with the best content and value accelerators both for SAP and non-SAP technology stacks,” Weller concluded.

Access SAP Signavio Process Explorer to know more

To know more about this new value accelerator, you can access SAP Signavio Process Explorer. This gateway allows exploring a myriad of contents such as process models, capability maps, innovation and product recommendations. Also, it references SAP’s partners value accelerators and best practices such as PwC’s, providing indications on how to get them. By accessing the PwC’s dedicated area indicated by PwC logo you will be able to get all details.

Don’t miss the opportunity and start your exploration now, all you need is a SAP registered user.