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Hi Everyone,

My name is Yair Vidal and I am a development manager in the portal organization for Enterprise Workspaces.

SAP NetWeaver Portal has tremendously evolved in the last years and it now plays in all relevant arenas (on premise , mobile and cloud).

Actually, when looking at  the Portal Portfolio metaphorically it is actually a cool  and flexible puzzle of capabilities. You can choose the pieces you like and build the picture you want to see.

This is exactly what I did in the last year while exploring possible scenarios and use cases around different industries and identifying the "puzzle pieces" that fit.

Enterprise Workspaces is relatively new to the portal portfolio and you can find in it all of the above capabilities. It  provides a self service , flexible, intuitive and modern end user environment.

One of its main goals is aiming at increasing  knowledge sharing and employee networking across the organization but …

Imagine how with a small twist ,  Enterprise Workspaces can answer the use case of  your Industry Community Enabler.

For example , let's take Banking industry where you have the need  to collect valuable information about the customer during service engagement (branch, call) in a modern manner.

You would also want to immediately act and collaborate with additional related bankers for the specific customer.

With Enterprise workspace you can build a 360 view of the customer data across the SAP and non-SAP systems and collaborate around it.

In such a solution a workspace will be defined  per customer. The relevant bankers will be members of this workspace. So the workspace with the customer's data is serving the community of the relevant bankers.

In the images below  , see how Ben logins , gets data from the organization relevant to his job and how he can also dive and follow Guy (the customer) and get Guy's specific data.

This way Ben and his Banker friends from different areas (loans , mortgage  , …) can collaborate around Guy's information and at the end provide him with better service.

Screenshot taken from internal POC

As seen in the Banking scenario , based on the specific community you want to serve, you can decide how to model the workspaces and the different types of users.

In the following Retail Scenario George is managing a store and has a dedicated workspace for his own team / store.

He can follow-up and collaborate with team members on marketing and delivery status.

Screenshot taken from internal POC

Think about yourself…

Are you a doctor or a nurse in the hospital that needs to serve the patients?

Are you an engineer in a factory ?

Are you a professor in the university ?

Are you …   

Your business define your community !  and I invite you to review Enterprise Workspaces as your industry community enabler.

Email us at for any questions about Portal Portfolio .

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