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Welcome to our new “plug and gain 101: What is...?” blog post series! We have heard your calls for more in-depth explanation on plug and gain-related terminologies and we are excited to deliver just that. This series will delve into some of the most prominent terms. So, gear up to power up your knowledge and get ready to plug into a wealth of knowledge like no other! 

Let us move on to term number one, shall we? 

We are starting powerfully with the core concept of the ‘Best-Run Score.’ Often spoken about but do we really understand what it means? In line with its literal meaning, it is about out scoring in the run of the most effective process within your SAP system. 

Seems self-explanatory, right? Not so fast! The Best-Run Score is essentially a gauge of how adeptly you pilot your processes in the SAP system, navigating diligently based on SAP-recommended routes. Picture a marathon with several different paths leading to the same finishing line - some are smooth, clear, and straight, while others are winding and riddled with obstacles. Naturally, some routes are more effective, helping you to cross that finish line clean and fast. 

This is where the Best-Run Score comes in: it quantifies the effectiveness of your process execution. This score is based on completed cases which have reached the final process step within the time-period for which data has been collected. It is like progressing in real-time through the marathon, while seeing how effective and automated specific process steps are performed.  

Why should this score matter to you? Understanding and strategically improving your Best-Run Score could turn your process execution journey into a streamlined sprint. 

But how does this relate to the SAP Best Practices? SAP Best Practices describe how to best set up the SAP system. This set up is done during implementation. The Best-Run Score evaluates the usage of the system and evaluates if processes are effectively executed.  

To give you an example: In the best practices, manual creation of business documents will always be an option because sometimes it is necessary to create or change documents manually. However, to run effectively, automated creation is recommended. 

Let us give you a glimpse where you can find the score in the system. The central entry point for this is the Process House as part of the Value Accelerator for SAP Process Landscape Analysis (plug and gain approach) in the SAP Signavio Collaboration Hub. As a first step you can analyse the company's process landscape with corresponding Best-Run Scores of your SAP Core processes (Level 1). When navigating one level down, you see a modular process view with all other out-of-the-box content and analyses (Level 2). Next to Best-Run Score analysis there is also the Transaction Score and the Completion Score. Leveraging Transaction Score and Completion Score offers crucial insights for enhancing process flows, pinpointing improvement areas, and simplifying your workflows, ultimately reducing complexity; for an in-depth understanding about these terms, continue reading in our dedicated blog post. Delving a layer deeper, process models with colour codes highlight the steps that contribute to effective process execution (Level 3). Please take a moment to capture the screenshot from the SAP Signavio Collaboration Hub for reference:


Take one more step to be ahead with your process execution and analyse the different execution steps. You can use this process execution path analysis to prioritize your process improvements. Capture this analysis with another screenshot from the system provided here:


We hope you are now geared up and excited about the Best-Run Score. Stay plugged in to learn more about the next term in our series! Let us keep the knowledge marathon going, shall we? Until then, keep running the good run! 

If there is another term, you are finding difficult to understand, do not hesitate! We are looking forward to hearing your thoughts and experiences with the Best-Run Score! Drop us a comment or shoot us a message! You can also reach out to us via the SAP Signavio Community.   

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