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It's that time again, for another edition of the highly anticipated, critically acclaimed PowerDesigner News Network!  This edition is brought to you by the release of 16.5 SP04 PL04.  It debuted on March 5th and will update any version of 16.5 SP04.  No need to install PL01, PL02, and PL03 first.  Well, I guess you could, but you’d be wasting a lot of time.  So head on over to the SAP Portal and download the latest and greatest that PD has to offer.

Want to know more before taking the PL04 plunge?  Of course you do.  I wouldn’t want you to make a hasty decision on upgrading the most powerful enterprise modeling tool in the world!

Here’s what the PL04 brings to the table:

The file is just under 100 MB so unless you’re downloading on a 56k modem, the download shouldn’t take long.  Remember those sounds? In case you're too young or want to relive the golden age of dialup watch the video below:

(Warning : May cause temporary hearing damage.  Disclaimer: SAP is not responsible for medical bills incurred from listening to these sounds)

After unzipping the package you’ll find an MSI (Microsoft installer) file to upgrade the PD client. There is also an update to the Proxy server which you should also install if you are using a Proxy Server.

After install, you’ll find the TCH file that shows the following fixes specific to this release:


#746564 T2 External shortcuts: Error - Failed to connect to model as the target model

#771777 T2 Table partition expression is lost when current DBMS is changed

#771796 T3 Scripting: dialogs should never get displayed when InteractiveMode = im_Batch

#776890 T2 DB2 - Universal tablespace drop table statement generated in error

#777122 T3 PowerBuilder Extension - Column "Comment" Extended Attribute error

#777422 T1 Symbols  is changed after applying AutoLayout to Orthogonal type.

#777699 T3 Can't change back to Plain text from RTF in Note

#778061 T2 Mapping Editor takes over 90 minutes to open

#778646 T1 CDM to LDM generation: modfied composite key changes not preserved

#776968 T1 Exception: new report when using the Move Up and Move Down tools

#778273 T2 ERwin import failed with specific model

#779691 T2 Project models are displayed in incorrect order in repository

#744651 T2 DB2UDB10: Unable to reverse Random Index

For more detail on these and the previous fixes, you can open the latest TCH_1654 file located in your PowerDesigner directory.  Since I'm using the 32-bit version my file is fileTCH_1654.4599.txt.  The 64-bit one may have a different 4 digit extension.

And now you've upgraded to the latest release of PowerDesigner!  Pat yourself on the back for a job well done!.  If you can't reach your back, ask your coworker or boss to do it for you.  And if you're working at home and no one is around, a tennis racket, soup ladle or broom will do almost as well.

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As always, please comment if there is a topic or something you'd like us to cover in the next edition. 

Until then, stay classy designers!


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