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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
In an era where seamless cloud and hybrid business solutions are paramount, partners stand united in their endorsement of SAP Cloud ALM, heralding it as a cornerstone for facilitating customer implementations and operational excellence. With a cadre of exceptionally adept partners proficient in application lifecycle management (ALM) solutions, their wealth of experiential knowledge has culminated in the development of robust and replicable SAP Cloud ALM assets. SAP invited these partners to develop their own content, augment SAP Cloud ALM functionalities, and address any voids in the portfolio, thereby fostering a landscape of comprehensive SAP Cloud ALM capabilities.

Centralized Command with SAP Cloud ALM

SAP Cloud ALM provides a central entry point to manage the SAP landscape with content-driven guided implementation and highly automated operations. SAP Cloud ALM is included in customer’s cloud subscription containing Enterprise Support, cloud edition and in SAP Enterprise Support. Customers and partners are using the solution for integration monitoring, health monitoring, and real-user monitoring amongst its various capabilities. It provides alert monitoring, task management functionality which rings in the SAP Activate methodology and helps in orchestrating the implementations end to end. The built-in content driven guided implementation and the business process monitoring are much needed capabilities which makes SAP Cloud ALM in the forefront to accelerate adoption of cloud solutions from SAP.

Hack2Build: Supports SAP Cloud ALM Innovation quest

Hack2Build is a rapid prototyping initiative to drive early-stage inspiration, use case exploration and technology adoption for SAP partners all in seven days. In partnership with SAP ALM product unit, the Partner Ecosystem Success unit embarked on a quest to empower SAP partners across Asia Pacific Japan and Europe to extend and enhance the boundaries of SAP Cloud ALM through innovative solutions.

This will be two part blog series, the part 1 of this blog covers results of the Hack2Build on SAP Cloud ALM by partners in Asia Pacific and Japan, the initiative which concluded on July 25, 2023. In the part 2, we will be covering the results from Europe based partners once they complete their innovation showcase in October’23. During the Hack2Build, partners were encouraged to use features and capabilities of SAP Cloud ALM, Open APIs from SAP Cloud ALM published on API Business Hub in the SAP Business Accelerator and leverage SAP’s Business Technology Platform to ideate and develop integrations, extensions, IT processes and applications and prepare to showcase their working prototype in 7 days.

Part 1: Unveiling the Triumphs of APJ Innovators

From July 4th to July 11th, 11 enterprising partners from the Asia Pacific Japan region came together to unveil their ideas. Guided by the expertise and mentorship of SAP, these partners delved into the realm of SAP Cloud ALM, extending and expanding the capabilities using Open APIs from the API Business Hub, and the various services of SAP Business Technology Platform.

On July 11, 2023, after an intense period of innovation, ideation, and development, these pioneers unveiled their solutions. Six promising prototypes were selected to move forward to the final round, where the stakes were raised even higher.

🌟 And the Winners Are... 🌟

After meticulous evaluation by our esteemed panel of judges, complemented by the audience's verdict, three solutions emerged victorious:

Winner: Daffodils Info Knowledge Solutions

Daffodils built a complimentary feature to their Ticke Talk, an incident and change request management tool, with seamless integration with SAP Cloud ALM to effectively manage the Incident Management process.With the Centralized Tool for Incident Management, the solution provides an overview of all Tickets, helps in Root Cause Analysis and monitor the service-level agreement (SLA) for timely closure of tickets. This tool with its new enhancement developed during the Hack2Build, provides the integrated approach to have IT service management (ITSM) with incident management developed using SAP Business Application Studio, SAP Mobile Services, SAP Build Apps, SAP Build Work Zone and by integration of Daffodils TickeTalk with SAP Cloud ALM using APIs.


Daffodils Ticke Talk -ITSM tool integration with SAP Cloud ALM

1st Runner-up: K-Tern

Automated test case recommendations for digital transformation projects solution depicted the extension of SAP ALM functionalities to address the automated test case and test data generation and the synchronization of test cases with SAP Cloud ALM. During the test planning phase, preparing, and organizing the test cases and scripts with test datasets is set to ensure comprehensive test coverage.​ For this K-Tern built the automated test case recommendation engine comprising of integration setup K-Tern solution and SAP Cloud ALM Project, run the test analysis using the K-Tern auto test case recommendation tool and then execute the recommended test cases in SAP Cloud ALM. This largely helps in avoiding efforts to create manual test cases based on application requirements, selection, and execution of test cases during the project phase. The test cases which are automatically generated is set to  improve efficiency and improve the overall testing process, adherence to project timelines, and brings stability to the implementation of Rise with SAP.

K-tern: Automated test case recommendations for digital transformation projects

2nd Runner-up: Crave Infotech

Crave developed an extension application ‘Agile CALM Solution using SAP BTP​' to provide end-to-end insights and automation capabilities​ with integration to Microsoft Teams, Email, Open AI ChatGPT and Excel for seamless collaboration. Crave used SAP Build Apps, the low-code development platform, SAP Build Process Automation for workflow management, SAP Build Zone to establish a unified point of access to SAP and 3rd party applications. The SAP Integration Suite (Cloud Integration) was used to connect with SAP Cloud ALM.


Crave Infotech: Agile CALM Solution using SAP BTP​

Hack2Build Winners felicitated at SAP ALM Summit, Bangalore

The winners and the finalists were acknowledged during the SAP ALM Summit, which was held on July 25, 2023, in Bangalore.

Podium finish at SAP ALM Summit,Bangalore on July 25, 2023

The Hack2Build event centered around SAP Cloud ALM marked a significant milestone, being the inaugural initiative of its kind. It received unwavering support from SAP ALM's dedicated product unit and the ALM Go-to-market teams. A distinctive aspect of this event was the incorporation of two rounds of demo jams, a novel approach for selecting the winners. The pinnacle of the event was the acknowledgment of finalists and champions, who were honored with symbolic mementos and winner trophies.

Esteemed Panel of Judges

A heartfelt expression of gratitude to the panel of Judges, comprising of SAP ALM product success and partner ecosystem leadership. Their ardent engagement in evaluating partner innovations, which complement the SAP Cloud ALM portfolio, has been immensely valuable. The insights and appraisals they provided have proven invaluable to our partners, serving as a compass guiding their finalization of solution development.

  • Marc Their - SVP, Head of Customer Experience and Solutions

  • Rudi Held - Vice President, Global Head of SAP Co-Innovation Lab Network

  • Pavel Penaz - Head of SAP BTP Strategy & Execution, Partner Solution Adoption

  • Xavier Dupeyrat - Chief Product Owner, SAP Cloud ALM API & Analytics

  • Sinje Seidler - SAP Cloud ALM for Implementation

  • Sonal Kumar - Head of ALM Regional GTM APJ

Next Steps

Looking ahead, SAP is set to embark on a collaborative journey with partners who have committed to materializing their SAP Cloud ALM innovations. Through necessary coaching and guidance, we are committed to enabling these partners to navigate efficiently through the BUILD phase, expediting their progress towards realizing their innovations built on SAP Cloud ALM.




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