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Product and Topic Expert

In this blog post, we delve into a noteworthy collaboration between Milestone in Portugal and Intelsys in Estonia, two distinguished SAP partners.

As SAP evolves with a "keeping the core clean" strategy, emphasizing modular architecture and increasingly relying on partner-developed solutions, the synergy between SAP resellers and solution partners becomes crucial. Highlighting this partnership, we explore how Milestone leverages Intelsys's SAP industry cloud solution,, in their market approach.  


Joao Lampreia, the S/4HANA Cloud Sales Lead at Milestone Consulting, and Peeter Pärna, the Founder and CEO at Intelsys, share insights into their collaboration, its benefits, and the impact of the solution on the construction industry.   Milestone is planning to leverage the solution to build a Qualified Partner Package solution (QPPS) and become a SAP GROW partner.

Interview with Joao Lampreia, S/4HANA Cloud Sales Lead at Milestone Consulting:


Q: Can you tell us a little bit about Milestone?
A: Milestone is a SAP PE Sell Partner based in Lisbon, Portugal. In terms of strategy, we are an SAP partner that is focused on offering the market the necessary competencies to help customers to make their way towards adopting cloud solutions that we believe are more efficient in supporting companies that want to take advantage of a constant renewal of their business processes. We also believe that this new offer of ERP and management solutions in the Cloud allows smaller companies to also benefit from the advantages of adopting best practices induced by this type of solution.

Q: Why and how did you end up collaborating with Intelsys and leveraging their solutions?
A: We partnered with Intelsys to address construction companies demands for an integrated solution combining BIM data or other technical specification formats and construction supply chain processes. After an extensive market search, Intelsys stood out with its solutions enhancing offsite productivity, connecting BIM models to ERP systems like SAP S/4HANA cloud, and offering comprehensive BIM data management. The platform's real-time data access, flexibility in handling additional Bill of Material, and adaptability to diverse company sizes convinced us to choose Intelsys as the ideal collaborator for our clients' needs. 

Q: What are the biggest benefits you have experienced from your collaboration with Intelsys?
A: We see our relationship with Intelsys as a true partnership geared towards our goal of offering our customers solutions that can represent real added value in terms of increasing the efficiency of their processes. Adapting the solution to the reality of the Portuguese construction market was a challenge that was only possible because of the customer-orientated approach and openness that Intelsys showed throughout the whole process. By having this solution in our portfolio, we are convinced that we can now offer the market a solution that will address the latest construction industry's challenges and the specific sector expertise that is necessary to undertake successful digital transformation projects.

Q: From your customers' perspective, what are the most appreciated features of the solution?
A: From the customer's perspective, Instelys most appreciated features revolve around its transformative impact on construction processes. Crucially, the platform seamlessly integrates BIM models with ERP, optimizing workflows for enhanced efficiency and informed decision-making in production planning. It enables real-time project monitoring, proactive budget management, and robust resource planning, addressing industry challenges. Improved communication, collaboration, and sustainability result from a unified data stream. Automation through machine learning and AI frees up time for critical tasks, while two-way information exchange ensures data integrity. This solution provides cloud-based tools for integrating BIM with ERP, offering innovative solutions to fully leverage BIM in construction.

Q: Can you talk a little bit about your collaboration with Intelsys?
A: Following our initial interaction, we initiated training sessions with Intelsys for our BIM team, evaluating and tailoring a solution to address key challenges in the construction industry. This collaboration was mutually beneficial, allowing our team to test and provide valuable feedback, promptly addressed by Milestone has expanded its portfolio, leveraging an integrated solution that combines our BIM and SAP expertise, which positions us to secure more deals by offering clients comprehensive implementation and support services, showcasing the success of our partnership with  

Interview with Peeter Pärna, Founder and CEO of Intelsys:


Q: Can you tell us a little bit about Intelsys?
A: Intelsys is an SAP PE Sell and PE Build partner in Tallinn, Estonia. We sell, implement and support SAP S/HANA and we serve customers in both the governmental and private sector. Our strategic focus is construction industry and we have developed SaaS solution for BIM-based project planning and execution. Since is a public cloud solution, we want to collaborate with SAP partners to offer it globally.  

Q:  Why did you develop the solution?
A: We developed SaaS solution to increase the efficiency of the construction industry. BIM (Building Information Modelling) has emerged as the standard for designing and engineering buildings. However, there was no solution to use BIM for supply chain planning and execution. We developed to connect BIM with budgeting, scheduling, manufacturing and purchasing. complements SAP S/4HANA and other ERP solutions to deliver end-to-end integrated Engineer-to-Order scenario for customers. 

System Screenshot.png

Q: What are the typical customers for this solution, and how has it helped them?
A: customers are prefab construction firms, suppliers of building material, general contractors and subcontractors who need to execute projects based on BIM design. Since is a multi-tenant public cloud solution, we can work with both small and large companies. Customers realize the following business benefits: 

  • Increased sales with rapid project estimation and quotation 
  • Improved financial planning and control with easy change management. 
  • Increased efficiency with integrated business processes 
  • Increased profitability by delivering more profitable and complex products/services 

Q: Are you looking to collaborate with more SAP partners like Milestone? 
A: Milestone is a unique company with strong BIM competence and skilled SAP S/4HANA consultants. Vanessa Alves, Gonçalo Rosado and João Lampreia of Milestone have shown strong expertise in the construction and prefab industry. Working with them has been easy because we both share the need to integrate BIM with business processes. Offering with SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud enables Milestone to win new customers and generate new revenue sources. We are looking for other like-minded SAP partners in other regions to collaborate on selling and implementing and SAP products.   

For construction companies in Portugal or Spain interested in leveraging SAP technologies, Milestone is a key contact. SAP resellers and construction companies eager to explore a partnership like Milestone's with Intelsys are encouraged to reach out through the SAP Store. This partnership between Milestone and Intelsys exemplifies the power of collaboration in advancing technological solutions in the construction industry.

For further information, visit the Milestone website, the website, and the listing on the SAP Store.

Milestone website website listing on SAP Store