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Product and Topic Expert

In the ever-evolving landscape of manufacturing, collaboration has become the cornerstone for success. With SAP's robust strategy focusing on cloud, platform, and an expanding partner ecosystem, the imperative for SAP reselling partners to collaborate with solution partners is more pronounced than ever.


One such exemplary collaboration unfolds between Telekom Deutschland, a leading SAP Platinum partner, and blue-zone, a German-based specialist ISV for the SAP midmarket. In this article, we delve into the intricacies of this partnership, uncovering its significance and impact on the manufacturing sector.  

Interview with Ines Marquardt, Head of SAP Cloud Partner Sales, at Telekom Deutschland 


Q:  Can you introduce your company briefly?
Answer: Telekom is known as a telecommunications company. We have long since ceased to be that; we are changing and have matured into something more, a leading global company for ICT solutions. Our ambition in Telekom Deutschland is to become the leading digital B2B telco. Our product range includes solutions for SMEs, from start-ups to listed companies. SAP and Telekom are among the most valuable German companies, and Telekom is the most recognised telecommunications brand worldwide.

Telekom offers a comprehensive end-to-end SAP portfolio which covers a full range of services, from consultation and the transformation of existing SAP systems to the integration of application management and service. Deutsche Telekom’s experienced experts focus particularly on migration to SAP S/4HANA or the cloud. With over 20 years of experience in the cloud business and a global network of more than 2,300 Telekom SAP experts of the Telekom Group, the company ensures extensive industry coverage. The new RISE with SAP Premium Suppliership by T-Systems round off our complete end-to-end portfolio.

Telekom holds the status of an SAP Platinum Partner and engages in PE Sell.

Company Size Focus: Small Enterprise (5 to 49 Employees), Medium Enterprise (50 to 249 Employees), Large Enterprise (more than 250 Employees).

Industry Focuses: Public, Professional Services, Healthcare, Retail, Telecommunications, Industrial machinery and components, Cross Industry.

Q:  How did you end up leveraging solution(s) developed by blue-zone?
A:  We have built up an SAP ecosystem with around 60 SAP partners in order to operate flexibly and in close proximity to our customers. New kid on the bloc in this eco system: blue-Zone with whom the company plans to offer SAP solutions to medium-sized businesses in the Industry Solutions sector.

The partnership between Telekom and blue-zone has its roots in the mobile telephony and ICT communications industry, where we are already working together successfully. We want to expand this good cooperation to the SAP area in order to be able to offer our customers a more comprehensive range of services. The personal meetings at Digital X (the largest German digitalization trade fair by Telekom) and SAP Connect last year laid the foundation for this expanded collaboration and to solidify our partnership.

This partnership between Telekom and blue-zone exemplifies our commitment to offering innovative and customer-centric solutions. We look forward to the opportunities this cooperation opens up and to shaping the digital future together.

Q:  What would you say are the biggest benefits of leveraging the solution(s) from blue-zone?
A:  Our main goal is to offer our customers a wider range of high-quality services while benefiting from both companies' expertise in the SAP area. Together with blue-zone, we can complement our range of SAP solutions and align them even more closely with customer needs.

Both partners are well-equipped and optimally aligned for this purpose: blue-zone contributes profound insights and a comprehensive understanding of the Industry-Solutions-specific needs, while Deutsche Telekom draws on long-standing experience of SAP transformation and an end-to-end SAP portfolio offering which spans consulting, implementation, operation, maintenance and reselling.

Q:  Why do you think blue-zone’s solutions will fit your customers?
A: We have a broad customer base and many of our customers are looking for simple solutions that are tailored to their needs. blue-zone offers these, SAP add-ons close to the standard, which provide our customers with the added value they need to gain a competitive advantage.

The focus is not only on SAP. The partnership offers new business models and innovation projects relating to future fields such as digitalization, the Internet of Things, machine-to-machine communication (M2M), Industry 4.0, artificial intelligence (AI) and sustainability, which enable SMEs in the Industry Solutions sector to tap into new efficiency and value creation potential.

blue-zone has many solutions we will leverage. But I think the solution EDI-ZONE (electronic data interchange) and DOM-ZONE (smart document output management) would be the first ones.


Q:  How do you and blue-zone collaborate in areas like sales, implementation, support etc ?
A: In this partnership, Telekom brings in the leads and acts as the general contractor in front of the customer. We leverage our market position and good customer relationships to identify and acquire projects. blue-zone then takes on the role of the expert for consulting, potential implementation, and the operation of the SAP solutions, creating a comprehensive service offering for us.

Partners play a crucial role in the transformation: they bring expertise (depending on the product and industry), they are quick, flexible, and deliver reliable quality. We have a strong SAP partner ecosystem that complements our Magenta Delivery

Interview with Tom Bajonczak, Channel Sales Manager, blue-zone Gmbh


Q: Can you introduce your company briefly?
A: blue-zone GmbH is a pure software vendor (ISV) with a clear focus on innovative, cloud-based solutions. Our focus is on product lifecycle management, technological expertise and the development of scalable and consistent standard products with the highest quality control. We support our partners in concentrating their resources on their core business by relieving them of the burden of customer-specific developments. Our goal is for our partners to successfully win and implement customer projects while building long-term customer loyalty.


Q: How do you look at the relationship with Telekom?
A: The partnership promises numerous benefits and synergies by combining the strengths of both companies. The aim is a win-win situation with long-term growth, innovation and added value. For blue-zone, the partnership means scaling opportunities and market expansion through access to Telekom's resources and customers. In addition, Telekom covers almost all areas of digitalization for its customers. Telekom has been relying on specialized partners for years to address all topics with the necessary expertise. It is impressive how a company of this size is able to form partnerships at eye level with partners of all sizes. The collaboration enables faster digitalization and agile solutions. Both companies can learn from each other, share best practices and drive innovation together, based on trust, respect and mutual benefit.

Q: Do you look for more resellers of your solution(s)?
A: As a software vendor (ISV), it is crucial to gain additional partners in order to bring our product to new markets and expand our reach. Through strategic partnerships, we can leverage synergies to improve our technology, better understand customer needs and offer innovative solutions. New partners bring fresh perspectives and resources that can accelerate our growth. In addition, they allow us to expand our product portfolio and leverage specific expertise in different industries. Through a diverse partner landscape, we can strengthen our competitiveness and ensure long-term success for all three parties.

Both blue-zone and Telekom are SAP partners taking advantage of SAPs cloud platform strategy to further enhance their businesses.  And together with SAP they help customers even more in a win-win-win-win proposition.

Are you an organization that think you can benefit from the expertise of these SAP partners?  Consider contacting them to explore possibilities. 

Are you a SAP reseller which think you and your customers could benefit from the solutions developed by blue-zone, or do you think it would be interesting to collaboration with Deutsche Telekom?  Reach out to these organisations and discuss business opportunities.

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