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Crave InfoTech has a unique philosophy: why do one thing when you can do it all? The US-based company started as an SAP Business One partner 11 years ago, but now counts SAP S/4HANA, SAP Cloud Platform, SAP Mobile Platform, and much more among its core competencies.

In addition, the company has more than 20 applications available in the SAP App Center and two solutions available in the SAP-qualified partner-packaged solutions finder.

To CEO Shrikant Nistane, there is value in doing more for customers. The company’s goal is to derive up to 80% of revenue through pre-packaged solutions, he said.

“We don’t do specific industry flavors. Instead, we focus on functionality. You can address different industries with the same package or application,” Nistane said. “In general, whenever you have predictability in cost and deliverables, your response rate is more positive. It makes a difference. We can talk to a customer about a complete package so they’re not talking to three or four competitive parties. It definitely appeals to customers to deal with only one place.”

Complete Packages Draw Interest

Crave InfoTech’s two SAP qualified packaged solutions have allowed the partner to build a pipeline of leads that may not have looked at the company’s offerings before, Nistane said. “It’s a good response, when customers see a package. They don’t have to worry about any hidden costs.” he said.

The two offerings include:

·       Crave Connected Asset & IoT leverages SAP Leonardo technology to track, manage and monitor delivers using machine learning and GPS features such as bread crumb trail, vehicle immobilization, geo fencing, speeding, route deviations and more.

·       Crave Connected BOT package manages all aspects of Warehouse Management, from inventory tracking to order creation, through a SAP Leonardo-enabled chat bot as a virtual assistant.

Crave InfoTech targets both prospects and existing companies for its packaged solutions, the latter as upgrades to their legacy SAP installations. “We’ve had a lot of interest from both small and large companies, SMBs working on SAP Business ByDesign integration and everything else is large,” Nistane said. “There’s increasing interest about the SAP Cloud platform and we have some initiatives in the pipeline for newer SAP technologies from larger companies.

Crave InfoTech has the capacity to offer several packaged solutions because “everybody has different requirements. Typically, our applications are configurable. We’ve taken a similar model to what SAP does. Our applications meet 60% to 90% of customer requirements. The remaining 10% to 40% is done through configuration or, worst-case, customization,” he said.

“Based on what we’ve seen so far, honestly, we’re just beginning to explore packaged solutions” Nistane said. “All our services are SaaS-based, pay-as-you-go. Customers want to go to someone that can quickly deliver results and they will evaluate solutions that make their customers happy. If they can get a whole solution from one partner, it makes sense for them.”

Marketing Yields Dividends

Crave InfoTech is investing heavily in marketing around its packaged solutions model, marketing through social media including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and its own website, Nistane said.

“We also have a team that does SEO, digital marketing, webinars, mailing campaigns. Those are four key avenues we use to generate the leads,” he said.

Crave InfoTech has also picked up a couple of leads from the SAP-qualified partner-packaged solutions finder, and is hopeful that the revamped SAP App Center can also yield results.

In addition, the company has also ramped up efforts to make its packages known to SAP account executives too. “My biggest goal is to educate every AE, so they can sell it. We are a small organization with small horsepower. We have very good technology, but not a lot of marketing/sales resources. Having SAP help us spread the word, we have a broader reach for more success, and PBMs play a critical role in helping us to amplify that message as well.” Nistane said. “We believe in the packages. Now it’s our job to get customers to do the same.”

For a complete list of SAP-qualified partner-packaged solutions please visit SAP Partner Package Finder.