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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Testing be it Manual or Automated testing has always been a vital phase in a Product Lifecyle Management. Within Testing one can manage the tests centrally and execute the tests. SAP Cloud ALM Test Management provides the capabilities needed to support the Testing lifecycle, either for a new implementation or for changes after go-live.

SAP Cloud ALM supports Test Orchestration which includes

  • Test Planning

  • Test Preparation

  • Test Execution

In this blog post I will explain capabilities within the Test Preparation app:

  • How to create manual test case

  • How to add Activities to the Test case

  • How to add Action to the Activity

  • Deletion of Test Case & Test Activity

  • Download of Test Case

Launch the Test Preparation app, with in the Test preparation app, you can manage & prepare test cases. Within the app you have below options available:

  • Overview of all Manual & Automated test cases for a specific Project

  • Create Manual Test case

  • Monitor the progress of Test preparation

  • Integrate automated test cases from the connected test automation tool

How to create manual test case

Within the Test Case Overview page of the Test Preparation app you will see under query All the list of all manual & automated test case assigned to a specific project for the project specified within the filter criteria Project in header of the screen. One can use the filter criteria to see the list of test cases assigned as per the filter criteria specified.

In order to create a Manual test case, Click on Create button where a New Manual Test Case screen elements are launched towards the right of the screen. Specify the Title, Project (is defaulted from the Test Case Overview screen), Scope (assigned to the Project), Solution Context (Solution Process, Solution Process Flow diagram) for which the manual test case is intended to be created & click on Save button.

How to add Activities to the Test case

Created Test case with list of Activities derived from the Solution Context (Solution Process, Solution Process Flow diagram) specified during its creation is displayed under the Structure tab.

You can now set specific activity as In/Out Test Case Scope by clicking on the In Test Case Scope indicator against it. This will include the activity set as In scope into the test case.

You can aswell add your own activity apart from the once derived from the Solution context by clicking on Add button. Maintain the activities by specifying the meaningful Activity Title, Activity Number & Application details (Application Name & URL). One can rearrange the activity sequence number by clicking on Edit button of the activity to be rearranged & selecting the new sequence number from the drop down list which will rearrange the activity sequence.

Please note that the new activity added into test case will not result in updation the Process diagram of the solution context specified during the test case creation.

How to add Action for the Activity

Within the Content tab all the In Scope Activities for test case will now be available. You can add Action(s) for each of the activity by click on Add button

Action for Activity screen is displayed, where you need to specify Title for the action, Instruction, Expected result. It must be noted that Rich text support is provided for the Instruction & Expected Result entries. Click on Ok to add the action for the activity and return to the previous screen Content or Click on Ok and Add Next Action to add another action to the activity.

Added Action to activity will be displayed as shown below

Likewise you can add action to every activity in scope of the test case.

Deletion of Test Case & Test Activity

Clicking on Delete button in the header will result in deletion of entire Test case

Clicking on Delete button under the tab Structure will result in deletion of specific Test Activity selected. It must be noted that only manually created Activity can be deleted. Activities from the Solution Context cannot be deleted it can only be set to In/Out scope.

Download of Test Case

Its possible to individually download a specific test case by clicking on the Download button. Test case will be downloaded in the excel format.

Its must be noted that the screenshots included in the Actions during the creation are not available in the downloaded excel

Once the test case is complete, change the Preparation status of the Test case by click on the Preparation status indicator for the test case to be ready for execution as shown below.

Test Preparation status can be viewed for all test cases manual & automated assigned to Project can be viewed within the query All in Test preparation app as shown below. Test cases which are in Prepared status are shown by indicator tick mark, if in Preparation status indicated by Triangle shape.

Next Action:

Please access SAP Cloud ALM Public Demo Tenant from the link and try the above capabilities yourself for better understanding.

Would be happy to receive feedback or thoughts in the comment section of the Blog post. For questions about SAP Cloud ALM, please post in the Q&A area.

You can also follow me by clicking ajay.hoskotesomashekar to get the latest updates