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We are excited to announce today the general availability of journey to process analytics. 

Journey to process analytics is a process management practice and toolset that connects data and teams of experience and business operations to understand, improve and transform your customer and employee experience. Some of our new features are: 

  • Experience-driven process mining 

  • Automated insights 

  • Sentiment insights  

  • Change alerts in your journey models  

  • Journey complexity score 

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But this is not all. We have released new or updated features for all solutions within SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite. Read here a summary of some of our highlights:


Process analysis and mining

SAP Signavio Process Intelligence 

With this release, we help you bring light to your combined process and experience reality by blending process and experience analysis. This is what we call experience-driven process mining.  

To analyze your combined process and experience reality with experience-driven process mining you´ll need data. Get a clear picture of the sentiment of your customers at every touchpoint interaction with your company by leveraging the digital footprints left by each process step - your process data - and merging it with data from your experience management systems - such as customer survey data and customer satisfaction scores. You can now integrate experience data to SAP Signavio Process Intelligence with our new Qualtrics connector to SAP Signavio (beta). 

Improve visibility into your real process execution and reduce your time to insights by showing metric values for each variant in the variant explorer widget. Apply any operational or experience metric that you have defined for a process, such as NPS (Net Promoter Score) and quickly identify, for instance, which process variants are impacting the experience of your customers the most. 

SAP Signavio Process Intelligence - Metrics in variant explorer (NPS in this example)


If issues or bottlenecks remain unidentified and unresolved your business performance will be hurt - as will the experience you deliver to your customers and stakeholders. Reduce your analysis efforts and your time to insights with the new automated insights, which automatically calculate and provide you with advanced statistics. To learn more about automated insights, read our recent blog post.

Easily discover anomalies or correlations in your operational or experience data and discover problems, inefficiencies or potential root causes impacting your customers satisfaction. Understand how two variables are correlated, such as CSAT (Customer Satisfaction score) and cycle times, with the new scatterplot widget (correlation). 

SAP Signavio Process Intelligence - Automated insights


Increase collaboration in your organization by recording your own manual insights, assigning them to your peers and following the status in a central space where you collect all your insights. 

Improve how you present your information in tables with the new conditional formatting on tables, for example, by showing survey results and NPS, automatically displaying those with a score below 6 in red. 

If you want to perform tailored, in-depth analysis of your data, leverage the SiGNAL query engine. SiGNAL allows you to use queries to retrieve data and perform calculations. We have now introduced several SiGNAL enhancements such as window functions to perform aggregations on rows and Union ALL, to combine result sets of SELECT statements.  

On the connectivity side, you now benefit from transformations that run four times faster than before! You can now also add multiple integrations to a single data model. 

Please check our release notes regarding the special characters you can use in your transformation scripts. Make sure you update your scripts, otherwise you will experience issues with your pipelines.

All our ETL connectors are on General Availability (GA), except for one source system (Infor). ETL has also now standardized headers that provide a cleaner and concise set of actions and information across all pages and you can now find and replace text in your Business Objects queries.  

Time to insight and time to adapt are key to having the finger at the pulse on how you run your processes, how customers perceive your operating model, and flexibly adapt the execution. ​In this context, speed up your time to analysis and time to value with SAP Signavio Process Intelligence accelerators (previously: Business Solutions). Available for several processes and source systems, they equip you with standard and tailored content to quickly jump-start your analysis. We have now released new ones, with new data transformation templates for Procure-to-Pay and Invoice-to-Cash for SAP S/4HANA as well as new metrics available for several processes.


SAP Process Insights 

We have been releasing many new updates and functionality in our latest release, with a strong focus on fast insights and ready-to-use recommendations.  

With SAP Process Insights, you can explore the impact of process inefficiencies and make data-driven improvements, while monitoring the health of your processes with daily updates. Get up to speed with your process analysis with the preconfigured Process Performance Indicators (PPIs). They provide you with instant insights across lines of business and end-to-end processes in SAP ERP systems. We have now released 21 new process performance indicators (PPI) as well as 2 new and 11 enhanced process flows.  

We announced this in our last product update, but benchmarks are a true game-changer. Check this new functionality and compare your automation rates with industry peers with the new external benchmarks for selected automation rate PPIs. 

SAP Signavio Process Insights - benchmarks


Reduce the time needed to implement process improvements with relevant recommendations to improve process inefficiencies. We have released 5 new correction recommendations, 92 new innovation recommendations and up to 10 new industry-specific recommendations! Stay tuned as we will be releasing more correction recommendations very soon. 

We have also extended our number of data centers with three new AWS data centers (Australia, Canada, Japan). 

To improve your overall experience in the solution, we have extended the In-App Help (for process flows and PPI information) and integrated a new customer survey so that you can provide us with your feedback at any time. 


Process and journey modeling


SAP Signavio Journey Modeler 

A key factor vital to building a clear picture of how your organization's processes impact the customer journey is the management of complexity. For example, a complex order process can negatively impact the customersexperience and hence reduce an organization’s ability to build a sustainable relationship with a new customer.  

To allow a systematic assessment of customer journey complexity and its interaction with process complexity, we are introducing a complexity score for journey models. 

Modelers see a journey complexity score at the top of each journey model. By clicking on the score,  a panel with a detailed breakdown allows you to identify the cause of high complexity. The journey complexity score offers a detailed break down by stages, touchpoints, organizational units, IT systems journey models and their underlaying processes.

Identifying the root cause of process and journey performance issues allows your business to not only gain insights faster, but more importantly to improve areas with low customer, employee and supplier satisfaction to achieve your best possible business outcome. To learn more about journey complexity score read our recent blog post. 

SAP Signavio Journey Modeler - Complexity score


Speaking of experience with this release, we are adding the ability to integrate analytics widgets from SAP Signavio Process Intelligence directly into your journey models and visualize and monitor cycle times or NPS scores. These new sentiment insights allow you to connect for the first-time specific journey steps to the interactions your customers, employees or suppliers have along an entire journey or a specific process step.  

Combining process and journey models with real-life experience data allows you to improve and innovate where it really matters. Make changes, transform processes and adjust journeys with impact and achieve process and customer excellence to a best possible level. 

SAP Signavio Journey Modeler with SAP Signavio Process Intelligence widgets


In addition, we are improving the daily work of journey modelers with this release. We adjusted the default zoom level for journey models within SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub. They now fit the width of any screen without the need to zoom in or zoom out when you first arrive in the Hub. Grasping content faster and gaining more of a complete overview allows a better context consumption and smoother collaboration across various departments. 

We also extended the options for individual adjustments for journey models by releasing the ability to add custom touchpoint names to reflect your organization better.

Cross-product updates for SAP Signavio Process Manager, SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub and SAP Signavio Journey Modeler 

Stay tuned. With the March 2022 release we provide change alerts to enable journey owners to be notified when a linked diagram is updated. Journey owners can quickly assess the impact of changes and ensure alignment throughout the entire journey. Depending on the stage of your transformation or innovation project changes might happen more or less often.  

You can subscribe to notifications directly within the SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub and immediately receive in-product notifications when a linked diagram changes. You can open the affected journey by clicking on the notification and the cell with the respective process link is automatically selected. 


If you want to find out more details about our latest product updates please take a look at our release notes. 



In upcoming blog posts we’ll cover how journey to process analytics can help companies operate and engage more efficiently and effectively, grow and create new business value. 

If this sounds interesting, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via the SAP Signavio Community.