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As most of you know providing a database connection plus user and password to an external application from HCP is not a good idea for many reasons. But what if you have gobs of data sitting in HCP and you want to use a tool to explore it (and not build every screen yourself)?

How about using the support for OData that popular tools like Lumira, Excel, Power BI or even Tableau offer? This is what an open standard is for, right? Isn't this a good way to make sure the HCP application (be it Javascript or Java) still has a chance to control which user gets which data at a very granular level?

I tried this out and will post my full results and instructions later in SCN. But to make it short - it is not encouraging. None of the above mentioned tools really allows you to explore your data freely by dynamically generating OData requests to show the subset you want to focus on.

But there is hope! The best tool out there to analyze large amounts of data interactively is .... wait for it ... a Mobile App from Dev Express available here:

I included a screenshot from a data series drawn from a CO2 sensor, transmitted into HCP IoT Services via a Particle Photon, exposed via XS to make sure data types are what analytic tools expect them to be and fed it into the demo version of this app.

What is your experience with OData? Will v4 cut it and will vendors support it to really serve as the lingua franca for analytical data retrieval in the cloud?

(and here is what the device looks like:)