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In the new release of CDS Graphical Modeler, most of the modeling working can be done in the property sheet so that a "blockless" user experience is promoted rather than the old dialog based. In this blog post, we'll show you how to use the new UI by taking the examples of entities and projections.

First open any CDS data model that contains entities. Of you select an entity in the diagram and double click it, the property of this entity shows up and this is the place where you can update this entity, for example, adding/updating/deleting the entity properties, etc.


In the "Properties" tab on the property sheet, you can modify the entity properties as shown in the above screenshot. And you can modify the included aspects for this entity in the "Aspect" tab as shown below:


And if you double click an entity property in the diagram, you will see the entity details in the property sheet:


And if you double click the navigation property for this entity in the diagram, the property sheet will show the details about the association or composition in the "Relationships" tab. And this is the place where you can view and modify the details of a navigation property.

If you open a service model and double click a projection in the diagram, the property sheet will show all the projection details as shown below:


In the "Properties" tab on the property sheet, you can modify the basic definition of this projection, for example, including or excluding properties, or adding alias for these properties. If you open the "Aggregation" tab, you will be able to define the transformation aggregation for this projection, and this will generate necessary aggregation related annotations that can be consumed by the fiori list pages:


And if you open the "Settings" tab on the property sheet for this projection, you can change this projection to read only, or draft enabled:


In the "Annotation" tab for an entity or a projection, you can manage the annotations very easily on the property sheet:


As a summary, in this blog post, we demonstrated how to use the new user interface of CDS Graphical Modeler in the new release so that the user can do the modeling working on the property sheet while using the modeler on the data modeling or service modeling.