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I am happy to announce that SAP Advanced Data Migration and Management by Syniti is now available for customers.  This solution will replace SAP Advanced Data Migration by Syniti, cloud edition as the go-to solution for data migration scenarios.

Like its predecessor, the solution manages and executes data migrations from any legacy environment(s) to SAP cloud or on-premise environments.  The solution augments SAP Data Management portfolio that includes data profiling, data extraction, data transformation, and data quality and matching capabilities, with a cloud service that provides advanced data migration management and orchestration capabilities to reduce risks and speed implementation.  These are important especially in many SAP S/4HANA migrations where many stakeholders with different skillsets using different tools are involved.

What is significantly new in this release of SAP Advanced Data Migration and Management are:

  • Bifurcation (or de-coupling) of the application and database storage

  • Customer choice in database storage

Previously, SAP Advanced Data Migration had both its application and database storage tightly coupled in a single cloud service, which is hosted in North America, Germany and Australia (as shown in the left half of the diagram below).  This was unacceptable for customers that have data sovereignty requirements (that do not allow their data to be stored out of the organization, country or region).  Moreover, there were also customers who questioned the need to license (additional) database storage when they had lots of cheap and available database storage at hand.

Previous vs New


By providing a bifurcated application and database storage (as shown in the right half of the diagram above), SAP Advanced Data Migration and Management can now fulfil customers with data sovereignty requirement by enabling the database storage (with customer data) to be hosted locally within the customer’s organization, country or region.

At the same time, the solution is giving customers choice in how the database storage is to be provisioned:

  • Syniti-provisioned Microsoft SQL Server in the cloud (as was in SAP Advanced Data Migration)

  • Customer-provisioned SAP HANA (cloud or on-premise)

  • Customer-provisioned Oracle database (cloud or on-premise)

  • Customer-provisioned Microsoft SQL Server (cloud or on-premise)

As the solution’s database storage will require data to be written and read, customers providing their own database storage would have to ensure the database has full-use rights (and not run-time rights).  Check here for the environment and database requirements for customer-provisioned database storage.

SAP Advanced Data Migration and Management will be available in 2 material codes, with the metric of GB (of cloud storage) remaining unchanged:

  • SAP Advanced Data Migration and Management by Syniti (8014313) [always mandatory]

  • SAP Advanced Data Migration and Management by Syniti, database storage option (8014246)

The optional database storage is suitable for customers who do not want to provide their own database storage for the cloud service.

How does one size for the solution?  Here is a rough T-shirt sizing provided by Syniti.  As always, all final sizing should be done with the help from Syniti Value Engineering.

Each T-shirt size is based on a single (1) production tenant.

Extra Small Small Medium Large
Total number of sources 1 2 - 3 3 - 4 5 - 6
Total combined source(s) database size (TB) 6 10 40 75
Estimated size of solution required (TB) 2 4 9 15


What’s ahead?

Syniti is working to increase the variety of supported databases for SAP Advanced Data Migration and Management database storage option as well as more varied deployment options, besides adding more capabilities to meet customer’s data migration needs.

So, check in regularly to find out what’s new.

All feedback is appreciated.  Enjoy!