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End-to-End integration continues to be a 🔥 hot topic for business and IT experts alike. Two years back, the first edition of the openSAP course on integration for the Intelligent Enterprise went live and we received overwhelmingly positive feedback. Since then, our engineering teams across SAP have built lots of integration innovations into our products that are ready to use!

What could have been more obvious than releasing a refreshed version of the course where you can learn how to take advantage of these simplified and improved integrations?!

We sat together with our team of experts and prepared a new and completely re-worked course on Integration for the Intelligent Sustainable Enterprise. In only 4 weeks, you can learn about the latest integration knowledge, inspirational customer stories, demos, and much more….

The course covers the nuts and bolts of end-to-end process integration for business and tech audiences, for newcomers, and IT experts.


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Course starts on February 21, 2023

What is Integration for the Intelligent Enterprise about?

A key part of SAP’s strategy is integrating end-to-end business processes, as we believe that only integrated enterprises can be jntelligent, sustainable enterprises.

We deliver end-to-end business processes, ensuring a seamlessly integrated experience through our so-called suite qualities, with SAP Business Technology Platform as the foundation.

What can you expect from this course?

The first week will be all about introducing you to the strategy and business value of the intelligent, sustainable enterprise, the so-called suite qualities that are target characteristics of SAP’s pre-integrated business applications, and SAP’s integration methodology.

In week two, you’ll learn how SAP Business Technology Platform solutions enable you to achieve a seamless experience across your business application portfolio with SAP Integration Suite as the foundation.

Week three and four are dedicated to deep-dives into each business process – from Recruit-to-Retire, Lead-to-Cash, Source-to-Pay, over to Design-to-Operate, providing further insights through demos and customer success stories on how you can make the intelligent, sustainable enterprise a reality for your company.

Questions or feedback? Reach out via comments!

For more information on SAP’s Integration Strategy for the Intelligent Enterprise


Blog post co-authored together with philipp.herzig.
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